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About me

Hey there!

My name is Ufuoma and I am a Nigerian girl who now lives and works in Canada. I left my home country Nigeria to pursue a Master’s degree in Canada and that one singular act changed everything and infused a passion for travel in my life.

Now, I’d love to inspire people to do the same. Travel, live life fully and follow their dreams. I am especially passionate about people of color. We are largely underrepresented in the travel space and I’d love to make travel a lot more attainable for all of us.

Where have I visited?

Currently, I am blessed to have visited twenty-five countries on four continents. Some of my best travel experiences include sand duning in the deserts of Peru, horseback riding in Cuba’s countryside and exploring the natural hotsprings in Costa Rica. Grateful for all these experiences but yearning for more.

My next travel goals will be to explore Asia and Africa and I cannot wait to discover what those continents have in store for me. Of course, I will be sharing them on this blog.


What you can expect from this blog?

I am constantly sharing my personal travel experiences on the blog. There is absolutely nothing like hearing it from the horse’s mouth, is there? I like to provide guidance and helpful tips to help make my readers’ travel experiences a lot easier. Here are some great travel tips for you.

Also, I hunt down impressive travel stories and feature them on this space. If they inspire me, they can inspire you too. Read about this man who travels the world in a wheelchair here. Truly, nothing is impossible.

New articles published every Fridays.

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