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It can sometimes be overwhelming to figure the things to do, places to eat, activities to indulge in, and the best spots to visit in a new destination. There can be too much information on the internet and you end up feeling even more stuck than ever. With my personalized and customized travel itinerary, you will get a detailed breakdown of your daily itinerary at a destination, a detailed guide and travel guide.

Here’s how it works

  1. Place an order of the travel itinerary package
  2. You will receive a confirmation in your inbox with a link to book a consultation
  3. In that consultation, you will share the destination of your choice (don’t worry if you do not have a preferred destination, this can be figured out together.) as well as your preferences and interests.
  4. Within 72 hours of the consultation, you will receive a detailed itinerary with a budget breakdown, accommodation and flight options, etc.
  5. Share your feedback or corrections and receive a final itinerary in your inbox in 48 hours.

And voila! A personalized itinerary for your destination without overwhelm, guesswork, and mistakes. You deserve fulfilling experiences and this customized itinerary will help you get there.

What you get

  1. A custom itinerary for a destination of your choice, including the links to book flights, accommodation and activities listed in the itinerary
  2. A budget breakdown for the entire trip
  3. Packing and essential list for your trip
  4. A comprehensive travel guide
  5. A pdf document you can share with other trip participants

Note: If you are planning a group trip, the main trip organizer should request this service and the final product can be shared with the rest of the group to ensure alignment.

If you want a more end-to-end, done-for-you trip planning service, check out my trip planning service here.


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