registration closes february 12. program open to 10 people only.

New course!


2022 is the best time to start a travel brand as the world prepares to travel again. In this six-week bootcamp program, you will learn all the strategies and tools you need to take your travel blog to the next level, increase your income, attract brand partnerships and build your own successful travel brand.

Sound familiar?

Do you want to start a travel blog, but don’t know where to start?

Or maybe you’ve had a travel blog for years, but aren’t seeing the success you desire? Are you curious about exploring this creative option for yourself but feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and disheartened with the slow growth?

Maybe you’ve been working hard for years, posting frequently, sharing on social media but your goals are still out of reach.

You have a love for travel and wondering how you can turn that love into a blossoming career that gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms. You just don’t know how to bring it to life.

Or maybe you know there’s more for you out there in the world but need mentorship, guidance and a community to help you get there.


Meet your mentor, Jessica Ufuoma, Travel Blogger & Entrepreneur

I started my travel blog in 2016 and had no clue what to expect or if it even made sense to have a blog. I didn’t have anyone to teach me the skills needed to succeed so I learned everything from scratch and had to find my own way. I didn’t see a lot of people who looked like me doing the same things and I had to figure it out all by myself. I spent money on courses, camera gears, I stayed up at night learning new skills and I told myself that once I got the hang of it, I too will pass on the knowledge and teach others who wanted to make travel blogging a reality for themselves.

In 2018, I made a decision that will change things forever. I decided to take my blog and brand seriously. I decided that I was tired of winging it and wanted to have a real strategy in place to fuel my goals. Yes, I had a day job that I didn’t hate but I also wanted to have options in case I wanted to pivot.

I invested in courses, camera gear, learning and development. I invested in learning more about my travel blogging craft so that I could stand out from the crowd and really carve a niche for myself. Slowly but surely, I started to see growth.

I started to work with dream brands such as Delta, Airbnb, Air Canada, Got invited by tourism boards to create content. I even started my own travel business which was widely successful. This is what I want for you too. Clarity, Direction, Knowledge and Courage to do the thing you love and do it excellently well.

this is where this travel blogging bootcamp comes in!

TATB’s promise – Go from Zero Clarity to Success

This is me below in October 2021. I was invited by the Bermuda Tourism Board on an all-expense paid trip to Bermuda. My flight, accommodation, feeding was all taken care of and I was there to create content and share with my social media audience. These are the things I didn’t know were possible for me when I first started my blog in 2016. I didn’t know it was possible to get paid to travel, to work with dream travel brands, to build a loyal community of followers, to start my own business.

It hasn’t just happened because of luck. It took a lot of restrategizing, creating great content, building up my skills as a travel blogger, to eventually get here. You can watch countless YouTube videos (like I did when I started out) but those are generic and not catered to you specifically. They are one-size fit all solutions but we all know that one-size fits all solutions can’t get you to where you want to be.

Working with dream brands

I’ve had the privilege and honor to partner with some of the biggest names in the travel industry. Like Delta Airlines,, Airbnb, and worked with a number of hotel chains, thanks to my blog and social media. There is a lot of opportunity that exists when you have a strong brand – it can open up new doors that you didn’t know were possible. If you begin today, imagine where you will be in three years time.

Getting invited by tourism boards

The best type of marketing these days is peer to peer marketing which is why influencer marketing has become so successful. I’ve had the privilege of working with some tourism boards to create organic content and share with my audience. The most recent one being to Bermuda where I spent five days enjoying the beautiful country and creating content. When you do something well, you’ll eventually get paid to do it.

Getting paid to travel

Whether it is through brand partnerships, starting my own travel company, selling out tickets to my paid travel workshops, offering travel planning services to clients, building digital products and more, I’ve been able to create a substantial income that allows me to do more of what I love – travel and I know it is possible for everyone regardless of follower count, age, occupation, etc. All you need is the right strategy!

Through TATB, grow an audience of raving followers who love your work. Create epic content to attract the right customers and opportunities organically.

Through TATB, learn how to work with brands that align with your personality, niche and unique style – and get paid to do so! You will learn how to pitch and attract brands using my methods. You’ll also receive my exact pitching template.

Do you know the best part?

You too can achieve this level of success and more.

with the art of travel blogging bootcamp, you will learn all it takes to succeed in the travel industry, carve a niche for yourself, work with dream brands, make an extra income, build a travel business you love.

What if I told you you could get paid to do what you love? What if I told you you could create a different reality for yourself? What if I told you the dreams you have of getting paid to travel the world are very valid?

In TATB, you will learn all the skills and tactics to help you get closer to your goal and experience the transformation you desire. TATB isn’t just any other course – it is a transformational, once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will get support and mentorship like no other. You will get the empowerment you desire to turn your passion into a profit. And you’ll be learning from the best.

imagine if you could…

  • Get paid to travel the world.
  • Work with your dream brands and get paid.
  • Help others while doing what you love.
  • Create more income for yourself and your family.
  • Build a blossoming career in travel.



Designed to give you the skills, mentorship and training you need to succeed at your travel blog. It’s time to stop trying to figure it out yourself. You deserve to be good at what you do so you can attract the opportunities, income and life you deserve.

  • You love to travel and want to find ways to monetize your travels
  • You want to start and grow a travel-focused brand
  • You’re interested in partnering with other brands
  • You one day want to start your own travel business so you can live life on your own terms
  • You want to learn the skills needed to make your travel brand a success
  • You want to be around a community of like-minded individuals for constant support
  • You are tired of winging it and are ready to make the investments necessary to make your dreams come true
  • You need a mentor and someone who can guide you towards the result you truly desire
  • You’ve tried to do it on your own but it just isn’t working out

A journey of clarity, guidance and direction. TATB is built on two strong pillars

Pillar 1

The Art of Travel Blogging – Learn the skills needed to succeed as a travel blogger. Skills such as content creation, writing, photography, storytelling, brand building and more. This pillar contains 7 key foundational modules to help you sharpen your skills as a blogger. The better skilled you are as a travel blogger, the more you can attract opportunities, grow your audience and build your brand. You will learn all of this and more through the content rich TATB modules and the live workshops.

Pillar 2

The Business of Travel Blogging – After learning the skills and foundations of building a travel blog and brand, you will then move on to learning how to turn it into a business. TATB will take you on a journey of clarity where you can see a clear roadmap of what to expect in the next three years. Through this pillar, you will learn skills such as monetizing your blog, working with brands, launching your first digital product and even launching your own travel business.

Can it wait? 2022 is the best time to start an online travel brand!

Can your transformation wait another year? I don’t think so! 2022 is the best time to start an online travel brand. As travel starts to pick up again, travel companies and tourism boards will be looking for travel creators to partner with to revive the travel industry. Customers who have been locked up at home for two years will be looking for trusted experts to shape their travel plans. There is an audience of people who want to be inspired to travel again. Can it wait? I don’t think so. I personally earned the most money as a travel creator during the pandemic. Ironic, isn’t it? Well, now is a good time to take advantage of the internet, the remote work capabilities and pent up energy for travel. Waiting may be too late. Through TATB, learn the skills, tools and training you need to get ready for when travel picks up again soon.

Hear from past students!

Meet Mishana.

This is Mishana of Tadbidtravels. Mishana enrolled in TATB 3.0 and did the assignments, completed the course and was very interactive in the program. At the time of joining TATB, Mishana had around 2,000 followers on Instagram. Fast forward to today and she now has more than 15,000 organic followers, is working with brands and getting paid to travel. Mishana is currently working on her first group trip thanks to the guidance of TATB. I’m proud of Mishana and her success. Hear from her below.

Meet Kevwe of Explorewithkevs. She enroled into TATB in 2020 and immediately began working towards her success. Through the course works and live classes, she was able to launch her own digital product, a website and also a group travel experience. She has grown her audience organically and has become a go-to for travel.

The course was amazing. I enjoyed our live sessions. The learning atmosphere was so encouraging and very calm. Issues were addressed very well and to everyone’s satisfaction. As a new blogger, I now have knowledge and a clue of what steps to follow to have my blog functioning and popping. Watch this space.



I enjoyed every part of TATB. The most valuable is the fact that the course is available to me at anytime even though the payment is a one time payment. Thank you Ufuoma for the valuable experience.


Immense growth on social media

Your investment into TATB

Imagine if you invested time, energy and resources into building your brand this year? Imagine where you will be in the next few years? If you want to see a big difference in your brand this year and are ready to learn the skills you need to take your travels to the next level, then this travel blogging bootcamp is exactly what you need.

I didn’t get to where I am by chance. I invested my way into getting here. Whether its through taking a course, buying a new camera to increase the quality of my work, or even spending time learning my craft, I always invested in myself. The right investments will take you places. If you want to see results, don’t shy away from investing in yourself. You are your biggest asset.

TATB packs a punch for all the benefits you get. Six live group workshops, a travel writing masterclass, access to 68 pre-loaded lessons, bonus worksheets, two one-one-one strategy calls with Jessica Ufuoma. The benefits are endless!

Pay in full
Enjoy early bird discounts and savings by paying in full
one-time early bird fee
  • Access to course portal with 68 pre-loaded lessons
  • Six live workshops including a travel writing masterclass
  • Priority support for the next one year
  • Two one-on-one strategy calls with Jessica Ufuoma
  • Access to private group for accountability, coaching, sharing wins and support from other students
  • Worksheets and course materials
Pay conveniently over three months
Pay conveniently over three months
  • Access to course portal with 68 pre-loaded lessons
  • Six live workshops including a travel writing masterclass
  • Priority support for the next one year
  • Two one-on-one strategy calls with Jessica Ufuoma
  • Access to private group for accountability, coaching, sharing wins and support from other students
  • Worksheets and course materials

NOTE: The Art of Travel Blogging (TATB) is only open for 10 people who desire serious transformation this year! Will you be a part? Registration closes February 12. But don’t wait too long before all the seats are gone. Orientation begins February 13.


This countdown has been ended already!

How it Works



Six live workshops

TATB is a combination of live workshops and pre-loaded lessons. There will be six live workshops starting February 13 and they will be 90-minute workshops where you will learn things like content creation, brand building, how to work and pitch with brands, travel writing and many more. The classes will be from 1:00pm EST to 2:30pm EST and they will be hands-on, interactive and very practical.


Assignments and challenges

TATB is not a passive course that you take and abandon. No. TATB is for action takers who want to see results and are ready to do what it takes to make their dreams a reality. There are weekly assignments and challenges that will help you build authority with your brand and stand out in your niche. For example, one of the assignments is pitching to three brands in your niche using the steps you’ve learned in the module and sharing the result back to the group. You will be fully supported and empowered towards your success.


Pre loaded course lessons

Besides the power packed live workshops, once you’re in the TATB, you will gain access to a pre-loaded course portal with more than 68 lessons which you can complete at your own pace. The best part? You’ll have access to it forever.

The Art of Travel Blogging Modules and Live Classes

TATB is a combination of live classes and pre-loaded classes in the portal. Check out the live lessons below. All sessions are 90 minutes long and will happen every Sundays at 1pm EST. All sessions will be recorded and available for students in case you miss the session. Replays never expire.

February 20, 2022 – A branding and content strategy workshop
February 27, 2022 – Social media growth strategy. BONUS: A travel writing class 
March 13, 2022 – Monetizing your travel blog and brand including setting up your travel company, launching travel services, etc.
March 20, 2022 – Launching your first digital product
April 3, 2022 – Let’s work out your three-year business projections and plans
April 10, 2022 – Longevity and mindset class: Building confidence, Time Management

BONUS! Travel Writing Class with Tiese

Travel writing is one of the most important skill to have when building a travel brand. Whether it is writing an email for your mailing list, writing a caption for Instagram or even pitching brands and travel publications. The right travel writing skill can open many doors for you. This is why I am enlisting the services of one of my favorite, most vivid travel writers – Tiese. Tiese has a very sharp pen and writes bold, vivacious travel stories. Learn from Tiese for 90 minutes in the TATB program.

Tiese of

Freebies and guides to aid your growth!

TATB is loaded with freebies and downloadable guides to help aid your growth and learning.

Join TATB before it closes or before all spots are taken!

NOTE: The Art of Travel Blogging (TATB) is only open for 10 people who desire serious transformation this year! Will you be a part? Registration closes February 12. But don’t wait too long before all the seats are gone. Orientation begins February 13.


This countdown has been ended already!


When you join tatb, you gain access to not only the content and workshops, you get support and mentorship from me. you also get accountability and will be put in a private group with other students where you can ask questions, support each other and share success stories. this kind of community is priceless!

2k+ members

frequently asked questions

TATB – The Art of Travel Blogging is a six-week bootcamp program. It is a travel blogging course with two main pillars – Art and Business. You will learn both the creative side and the business side of travel blogging.

TATB is for anyone who wants to make a career out of travel. It is for those people who want to make money from their travel blog. It is for those who want to build a profitable travel brand.

TATB isn’t only for new bloggers. If you are new, this is great too as you can start off on the right foot and the foundation is priceless. If you are already a travel blogger, this program will help you gain clarity, strategy and insight into supercharging your blog to success. TATB is for both new and existing travel bloggers.

While TATB focuses on the travel industry, we’ve had past students from lifestyle-related niches who were able to apply the lessons from TATB into their specific niche. If you aren’t sure about whether to make the investment and how this can help your niche, feel free to reply. Let’s talk and help you determine if this is right for you.

Yes. One of the roadmaps for monetization in TATB is launching your very own travel company. TATB will walk you through the steps needed to make that a reality. We have past students such as Kevwe, Hauwa and more who have launched their own companies thanks to the guidance from TATB.

Yes. Apart from the pre-recorded classes on the student portal, TATB has six 90-minute workshops and masterclasses which will happen live in February, March and April. All classes will be recorded and loaded into the TATB student portal so that all participants always have access to it. The replays never expire. You will have access to it for as long as you have the internet.

TATB is one of the only courses that takes you through both the creative side and the business side of having a travel blog. Not only will you learn things like branding, marketing, storytelling, photography, content creation, etc. You will also learn how to start a business, marketing skills, launching your own digital product, consultation and more. TATB also gives you the tools, worksheets and guides to help you succeed. Also, most online courses are self-paced where you go in and read the modules. That is great and TATB has pre-loaded lessons but TATB also shines because of those live classes where there will be interaction, demos and questions answered. There are also assignments, follow up and accountability. Success is not an option here.

Yes. While TATB is great for meeting new people and students going through the same journey as you for accountability, you will also get coaching and mentorship from me. All TATB students are eligible to two one-on-one mastermind sessions with Jessica Ufuoma.

TATB has been running for four years now but this will be the last one as I (Jessica Ufuoma) will be focusing more on scaling my travel business. I wanted to offer it one last time to 10 people who are serious about their transformation this year. If you are looking for a sign to join TATB now, this is it. If not now, when?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.

There will never be a perfect moment. Do what you can now so you can start to see the results you desire soon. Are you ready for a transformation?


HAVE QUESTIONS BEFORE SIGNING UP? want to know if tatb is a good fit for you?