Save today, vacation tomorrow!

I know how challenging it can be to fork out a lump sum of money for that dream vacation – sometimes, realistically speaking, it just isn’t feasible. However, we can start saving a small amount daily towards meeting our travel goals.

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I have partnered with PiggyBank Nigeria, a company well known for its Transparency, Clarity, Ease and Innovation. Piggybank helps Nigerians create better saving habits and meet their savings goals seamlessly.

There are two savings groups you can join today;

a.) Savings towards a summer trip in Zanzibar (N2500 automatic deposits daily):

b.) Savings towards a December abroad in Mauritius (N1100 automatic deposits daily):

You can also save towards other travel goals by opting for a manual savings plan.

a.) Zanzibar –

b.) Mauritius –

Join the plans today and start putting money away daily towards a trip of a lifetime. The great part? You get 10% interest on your money and you can cash out at the end of the savings period. Take advantage of this opportunity to go on an amazing trip while building a transparent and effective savings culture.

For more information about Piggybank, click HERE.

I look forward to seeing all of you joining these plans with me. Let’s not just talk about our travel goals this year, let’s actually meet them!

All the best. If you have any more questions, please reach out to me: