Course Outline

  1. My Travel Blogging Story
    1. How and why I started
    1. Some of my biggest wins
    1. Brands I have worked with
    1. Travel blogging income
    1. My growth and tactics
  2. So, you want to start a successful travel blog.
    1. Key things to think about.
    1. Understanding your ‘why’ and mapping out your vision/mission
    1. Choosing a blog name
    1. Choosing a theme and logo – think of Branding early on
    1. Choosing a domain name and hosting site – WordPress or Squarespace?
    1. Setting up your website for success early
    1. Things to do before you launch
    1. Setting out key milestones
  3. Building your tribe
    1. Why you shouldn’t look for support
    1. How to build a raving tribe that cares for you and will buy your products
    1. Building trust – Remaining authentic and honest as a travel blogger
    1. Our responsibilities as travel bloggers
  4. Starting out – Key things to know
    1. Money vs Passion
  5. Finding your niche
  6. Growing your audience
    1. Social media growth
      1. How I have grown and how you can too
      1. Monitoring tools you need
      1. Your Instagram bio
      1. Your Instagram feed
    1. Blog growth
      1. Getting page views
      1. Building a loyal blog readership
      1. Monitoring tools you need
      1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  7. Monetizing your blog
  8. Growing your email list
    1. Importance of a mailing list
    1. Four ways to grow your mailing list
    1. How to capitalize on your mailing list
    1. Creating regular and engaging newsletters. Should you use MailPoet or MailChimp?
  9. Creating and being creative with your travel content
    1. Photography
    1. Creating blog posts even when you aren’t traveling
    1. Content creation – ideas and things to think about
    1. Having pillars of content
  10. Working full-time? How to manage your time and create great content
    1. Developing a content calendar
    1. Finding a sweet spot blogging schedule
      1. Pros and cons of having a blogging schedule
  11. Being memorable as a Travel Blogger
  12. A travel blogger’s toolkit