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From the world wonder in Petra to bathing in the Dead Sea and kicking it in Wadi Rum, what’s not to love about Jordan? Jordan is one of Middle East’s priceless treasures and we’ll explore it in this experience.

March 19 to 25, 2021

What’s included?

Total cost of experience: $1750 USD

Accommodation: Six nights at a bubble hotel, five-star Amman hotel

Transportation: All ground transportation, including airport transfers

Tours and activities: All tours and activities on this trip are fully paid for. Entry to iconic places like Petra, Wadi Rum and the dead sea are all covered

Food: Daily breakfast, Jordan style!

Welcome starter kit: Detailed guide on everything you need for a great trip in Jordan

Photography: Capture your Jordan moments

Gifts: Welcome pack from theufuomaexperiences


World heritage sites, world wonders, and captivating landscapes

Jordan is a country that is sure to delight. From its iconic world heritage sites to its captivating landscapes, there’s a lot to see and do in this country.

We’ll be exploring not-to-be-missed places like Wadi Rum, bathing in the dead sea (I hear it’s good for the skin), camping in the desert in a luxury bubble hotel. Our Jordan experience will be one to remember.

an investment in travel is a worthy investment

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Join me for seven electric days in this beautiful country. We’ll start off exploring Amman for a day but that’s not the highlight yet – wait for it. We’ll head over to Petra to see the incredible wonder of the world and do so on a camelback.

We’d also be exploring the beautiful Wadi Rum desert and enjoying life with the Berbers. Talk about an experience, yes? And how can I forget the food? Jordan is home to some delicious cuisine; we’ll try Mansaf, Falafel, Kunafa, you name it! Let’s eat to our heart’s content!

Our itinerary of activities include:

  • A food tour of Amman
  • Day trip to Petra, the world wonder
  • Staying at a luxury bubble hotel in Wadi Rum
  • Hot air balloon ride in Wadi Rum
  • Exploring the Dead Sea of Jordan
  • Five-star hotel in Amman

About this trip

For the culture lover and the curious

This trip is designed for those who love to immerse themselves in other cultures and experience everything the country has to offer. We’re not holding back in our exploration of Jordan.

this trip is perfect for you if:
  • You appreciate culture and learning about new places
  • You love trying new things
  • You want to treat yourself to a luxurious experience
  • You value your wellbeing and self-care is important to you
  • You want to meet new people and broaden your network

Our itinerary

Today we kick start our adventures with a warm, hearty welcome to Jordan – a country with ancient architecture, a buzzing world wonder, desert landscapes and many more. I’ll get you from the airport and hand you over your gift bag (surprise!), we are checking into a five-star hotel in Amman so I’d gladly show you to your room, chit-chat and let you cool off from a day of flying. Tomorrow, our adventures begin! 

We are wasting no time, are we? After cooling off from yesterday’s travels and bonding with other amazing travelers from around the world, it’s time to get our adventure going and what better way to fully kick off our trip than with a day trip to the iconic Petra? You see, Petra is quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen before so brace up for a  full day of exploring and soaking in new adventures. I’ll hand over a bottle of water to you – you’d need it on a hot sunny day exploring.

Nothing beats trying new food and immersing in a new culture when you travel. Today is fully dedicated to that. We will spend the day indulging our taste buds and hanging out with the locals. We’d hit some of the top food spots in Amman and do a little sightseeing. We’ll end the day a little earlier as we have a full day of adventure tomorrow.

Ever heard of Wadi Rum? Wadi Rum is also known as the Valley of the Moon and it is just incredibly stunning. Wadi Rum will be filled with many adventures but one to look forward to is a luxury camping experience. Yes! Ever dreamed of spending one day in the desert? Here’s your chance. If you’d rather sleep outside of the desert, you have that option as well!

Only a few things are better than a hot air balloon ride at sunrise in the desert. We’ll kick off this beautiful day with a hot air balloon ride to enjoy the views of Wadi Rum from the top. This might very well be the highlight of the trip? (Giving Petra a run for its money). We’ll have a toast of champagne in the air to celebrate this beautiful moment. Afterward, we stuff our bellies with a delicious Jordan breakfast, rest a little and start our journey back to Amman.

You thought I’d forget the Dead Sea? Not possible! This is a must-do experience in Jordan and it’s only right to add it to our already amazing list of adventures. It’s our last day in Jordan so a spa date at the dead sea makes complete sense. I hear the charcoal bath has incredible skin reviving properties (talk about self-care). After exploring and enjoying the dead sea, we’ll have the entire day to ourselves to relax and do whatever we want. However, there’s a complimentary farewell dinner at the end of the trip so stay tuned!

Can you believe the trip is over? Today is the day of departures so I’d be dropping you off at the airport in Amman. Goodbyes are hard but we do not leave Jordan the same, we leave with lots of memories and cultural experiences that’d forever stay with us. Time to head home! Cheers to Jordan 2020 and ticking off bucket lists one trip at a time.

An experience you’ll be happy you had!



Got questions? I’ve got answers!

Can I come alone?

Yes, this trip is perfect for both solo travelers or group travelers. If you’re a solo traveler, book the trip for one person. If you’re in a group, book the trip for every party in your group, to a maximum of four.

Do I get a room to myself?

All our accommodation are based on double occupancy, which means you’ll be paired with an awesome travel buddy. If you prefer to stay alone, please reach out for a more customized payment option.

What’s included in the package?

Our experiences include all ground transportation, tours and activities and all accommodation in top-class hotels. It does not include flights as people are coming from all around the world. Contact Jessica on for assistance with flight bookings for free.

What happens if COVID affects this trip?

Our safety first. I work with experts to make sure our destination is safe and secure. If I sense that the trip won’t be safe, I will reschedule and keep everyone informed. Please check out our COVID-19 policy and terms and conditions.


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