Product Reviews

On this page, you will find a list of products or services that I am in love with. All opinions are my own.
1.) Campaign Monitor

I love sharing great content on this platform and one of my goals for the year is to not only continue to do so but to extend it over to my exclusive mailing list. I know the benefits of maximizing an email list – from increasing my brand awareness to increasing traffic on my website and getting my work seen, I have decided that this will be a major focus for me this year.

I am glad to have over 8,000 loyal subscribers on this blog and I always love delivering to them exclusive content and my best travel tips and advice. In a quest to find a way to bridge the gap between content on this blog and my email content, I found Campaign Monitor. I was super impressed by how intuitive and easy it was to run a great email campaign using this service. Not only was it intuitive, the templates were absolutely stunning. Eye-catchy and visually appealing, I couldn’t wait to hit publish and have it delivered to you in your inbox. Sometimes it is hard to run a campaign or send out a newsletter but Campaign Monitor makes it easy and fun to do.

On top of that, they track the results of your campaign almost in real-time. I can see how many people have read the newsletter, how many people have clicked the newsletter, how many people have opened the newsletter and even the ones who didn’t. These reports are particularly useful as I am able to see opportunities to improve my emails and newsletters going forward and re-strategize using the information I get from Campaign Monitor. I know the optimal time to send out the emails in order to increase the read rate and I know what kinds of subjects gives me the greater probability of being opened.

In summary, why I love it:

  • Easy to use
  • Many beautiful templates and designs to choose from
  • Ease of tracking of important KPIs
  • Great interface

There are a lot of email marketing services out there but this is one that I can absolutely recommend to anyone who is serious about delivering effective newsletters to their clients. Remember, email marketing is one of the proven ways to get on top of the digital marketing game, pass information across and very importantly, convert and retain customers. If you’ll love to send beautiful and effective newsletters to your clients and subscribers, definitely check out Campaign Monitor. Click here to get started.