The Journey to Self-Discovery

Hello there and welcome to my blog! This is officially my first post and I am feeling really giddy because I’ve always wanted to start a blog and happy I finally took the plunge.

A little about me story:

I currently live and work in Canada after moving from Nigeria in pursuit of a Master’s degree. While in Nigeria, I was interested in things like Fashion, Finance, Books, Gadgets etc. (Nothing wrong with those, by the way.) I remember writing in my high school year book about how I wanted to be a Banker and Fashion Designer, both looking so foreign to me right now like when I used to type ‘plix’ instead of ‘please’. First, never say never. Second, we are constantly evolving and growing.

I’ll tell you what I like now: Travel, Sports, Fitness, Books but I cannot promise you I will like all of these things in say, years from now.

So how did I go from that girl to this girl?

I had done a fair bit of traveling: France, Germany, Spain, etc. It was okay, it was cool but nothing avant-garde but then I had an unusual encounter at Machu Picchu, Peru. When I got there, it was like a strange wave took over my soul. It was so beautiful, so humbling and made me realize just how amazing the world is. It was a costly experience, it took a lot out of my wallet but it enriched my soul. It was at this moment that it hit me: I’d rather scrape a living, than live my life out of one box.
It quite contradicts the banker-save-60%-of-your-income-for-the-rainy-day type of girl, doesn’t it?

To you, it is just another picture but to me, it’s the place that changed my life

The truth is, we do not fully understand who we are and what we are capable of, and that is okay. What we must do though, is make an effort to try several things, because, we never know. Don’t be that person who goes into Subway and orders the Chicken Teriyaki every single time (guilty), have you tried their Bacon Ranch? Be open. How do you know you do not like sky-diving or fufu? Did you try it yet? I had gone through several countries before discovering a part of me that I didn’t know existed- and that’s life; you must keep it in motion.

Sometime in January in the heat of the new-year- new-me, new year’s resolutions (speaking of, how’s that holding up for you? Ha ha) I tweeted:


I might try and fail but that’s perfectly fine because then I know, oh this isn’t for me, I thought I liked it, but I was wrong, moving on, buh-bye!

A wise man once said,


You have to take life by the scruff of the neck. The problem is, we think we have time but the concept of time is very, very fleeting. Explore, explore, explore while you can.

  • Break up with fear
  • Do not be afraid to get lost
  • Do not be scared to fail

Whatever you do, seek to discover parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed. It is in this self discovery that you become a richer, more fulfilled individual.

So, when will you begin that long journey into yourself? And if you already have, what have you discovered about yourself lately that you didn’t know existed?

I’ll love to hear from you.


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  1. Great write up, actually just stumbled upon your page and I must say it got me really inspired….looking forward to reading more of your articles?

  2. One of the things I’ve gained from travel is a serious boost in my self confidence. It’s such an amazing and liberating feeling and I’m grateful each day for the opportunity I get to experience new places and faces.

    Looking forward to reading more of your articles.

    1. You couldn’t have said it any better! Traveling really does boost your self confidence almost like, “If I could go to a foreign land and come out okay, then I can conquer almost anything.” Thanks Amarachi! And I have just checked out your blog, good stuff! 🙂

  3. Whoa! This is lovely. You make me want to take all my little savings and spend them on traveling ?

  4. This post just made me want to buy a ticket and no anywhere. I’m always holding back because I never find people to travel with but I deeply want to explore and it’s about time I embraced the solo life. Thanks Ufuoma!

    1. Thanks Alma! Yes to wanting to go solo with your travels. I have a post on Solo Traveling and I will be putting that up really soon. Will tag you in it once I publish. It can be scary but you know what? It can bring the best of experiences. Good luck and safe travels! x

  5. Yas! This is what living is all about. Worry less about tomorrow and live in the now! Do good, feel good, be good! See the world, kiss a girl(s), run naked, BE ALIVE!

  6. It’s a pretty good start. I’m sure I’ll enjoy your blog. Have always wanted to start this travelling adventure but it’s not for those with empty wallets ??

    1. Thanks Brian! I hope you enjoy it too. That’s not true, there are so many places to go that wouldn’t necessarily put a dip in your wallet.

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