Dear Traveler, You Need Travel Insurance

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Dear Traveler, You Need Travel Insurance

Dear traveler, you need travel insurance. Often times when a trip is being planned, we cover the basics of transportation, feeding, accommodation and then ignore the one thing that is really important; travel insurance. Remember skipping on the option to buy travel insurance while purchasing your plane ticket? Yes, yes, I’m guilty too. On today’s post, I am putting on my geek glasses for you, because, I got you.

Just like warranty or Apple Care, we just don’t think we will need it. We think we can be careful enough not to let things go south. Sometimes we are absolutely right but what about the times when something unexpected happen? We need to have a plan B or contingency plan and this is where travel insurance comes in very handy.

Ever missed your flight? Got delayed or lost your luggage? Even worse, got sick or injured while flying? These are things covered by insurance so I will very quickly highlight what you can cover when you get travel insurance.

  1. Trip cancellation or delay: Those absolutely frustrating times when your flight gets delayed and that led to you missing your connecting flight or waiting long hours in the airport, or what about when your flight gets totally canceled due to bad weather or technical issues? A few things in life are more frustrating. However, with travel insurance, you can get compensated with a full refund on your travel cost and then some. So, dear travelers, please do not sleep on travel insurance.
  2. Loss of luggage or personal item: Again, another frustrating one and this is why people pack at least a day’s worth of clothing in their carry-on. This doesn’t exactly soften the blow though as there is only so much you can put in your carry-on. Not only that, if an item in your luggage goes missing, you can also claim coverage from your insurance company. So, even though you have lost some items while in transit, all can still be well with the world.
  3. Emergency medical or accident: This is the extreme and no one wants to experience this but sometimes visiting a new country can expose you to some kind of sickness or worse yet, accident. You know those times when you are feeling daring and jumping off a cliff? Ya! (The Nigerian girl in me is screaming God forbid). With a good insurance company, you can get immediate medical attention or money compensation.

So, here are some ways you can get travel insurance plans and some of them can be super, duper affordable. With great online research, you can get some really good plans. Some websites like World Nomads or Lowest Rates Canada, also give you a quote so you have an idea of what to expect and to what extent you are covered.


World Nomads is by far my favorite travel insurance company and the good news is, it’s very affordable. World Nomads is more than an insurance company though, it’s a movement. The travelers give back to society and all that cool stuff. However, since we are on about insurance, I’ll stick to the insurance side of things but yes, they really do have amazing rates.


Some airline companies have great travel insurance especially for single trip coverages. Next time you are about to purchase an airline ticket, pause to see what kind of coverage is being offered. They might be some really great coverage plans in there. So, do not hurry to hit the decline button.


Some work places offer benefits like health, dental and sometimes travel insurance. If you work for an organization, confirm that you are not already covered by insurance before you make moves to purchase one. You may be surprised that it comes with the employment package. If so, that’s amazing.


A good travel insurance has the following:

  1. All inclusive coverage up to $100,000 USD
  2. World wide coverage or coverage for most countries, especially the ones you may be visiting.
  3. Twenty-four hour emergency services
  4. Coverage for luggage loss, electronics damage, etc.

So, guys, next time you travel, keep travel insurance at the back of your mind because life happens. We hope we never get to use it but even in little situations like a flight delay or a missing luggage, travel insurance can really be a life saver.

Sorry to geek out on you on today’s post but some things have got to be said even though they may not be the most glamorous to read, whatever that means. I really do hope you have been a little bit enlightened (or reminded) on (about) travel insurance and you can get to work with finding great coverage.

Good luck and stay safe on the road,

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