Five Good Reasons to Travel Solo At least Once

Solo travel, even though now fairly popular, is a travel concept that is often met with skepticism. “Why will I travel solo?” “I wouldn’t have a great time!” “What if I get kidnapped?” “I can never travel by myself.”

I was once in that boat until I tried it for the first time in Paris, France and I have been hooked since then. To the point where I sometimes don’t share my travel plans with anyone because I want to experience it all by myself. You can call it selfish but I call it self care.

Here are five reasons why I think everyone should travel solo at least once.

As a sometimes solo traveler, I find that I thrive in environments where I can fully engage all six senses. I am more present when I don’t have to rely on friends. I can fully immerse myself in an experience without tying it to another person. That, truly, is my favorite part of solo traveling.
Solo traveling doesn’t mean there’s no one to travel with. It just means you respect your time enough to go do things by yourself without waiting on others. Time is very precious so why wait to see the world because your friends aren’t ready or keep flaking on you? Matter of fact, I have the utmost respect for people who can thrive alone.


1.) You deserve some alone time

In a world of constant interaction whether in-person or on social media, it can be hard to carve out some alone time to reflect and just enjoy your own company. We live in a world of attachment where you sometimes feel incomplete when you are not in the midst of a group of friends, family or spouse. But there’s so much power in being by yourself as that gives you room to self-discover, become more self-aware and challenge yourself. Solo travel gives you a great opportunity to do so.

Solo travel is a great opportunity to reflect, discover yourself and enjoy your own company.


2.) Technology will work in your favor

There’s never been a more appropriate time to travel solo than now. Today, there’s an app for pretty much anything. Alone and want to go from point A to point B? Uber. Want to book a restaurant to eat at? OpenTable. Want recommendations on things to do and see? TripAdvisor. Want to book some fun group tours? GetYourGuide. You get my point. There’s an abundance of technology to help you navigate your way successfully even when you are by yourself. Trust and use it to your fullest advantage!

3.) You are the BOSS of your trip

Hands in the air if you’ve been on a group trip and really wanted to do something but had to back down because the rest of the group were uninterested? I’ll be the first to shoot my hands up. Group trips are great but we all have different personalities, interests and motivations and sometimes its hard to get on the same page without making compromises. Not with solo trips. You get to curate your trip as you like. Too tired and want to sleep in your hotel room by yourself? Do it. Want to try that hole-in-the-wall restaurant that your friends may be too bougie for? It’s your call. Solo travel is a great opportunity to do what you like, when you like without making any compromises. HOW SWAY?

4.) You can meet new people

I know you don’t believe this but it’s true! Solo travel doesn’t mean you get to be by yourself the entire time. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. When you aren’t tied to a group of friends, it’s amazing how many new friends you can make on your trip. Generally, people are often very friendly and accommodating when you travel. That hotel staff that you may have ignored because you were busy laughing with your friends can now become a buddy who gives you great local advice. Joined a group tour, chances are there’s someone else going solo that you can buddy up with. Always use your intuition but be open to meeting new people and learning from their experiences. Your friends will always be home when you get back.

5.) It will build your confidence

Stepping out of your comfort zone will always be rewarding. Many people don’t know who they are or what they are capable of outside of other people. Being able to function by yourself in this world is a strong asset that will take you very far. Solo travel helps you rely on yourself completely. You take control, you become a problem solver, you navigate your way around, you trust your gut feeling – all of which will ultimately build your self confidence. The more you trust in yourself, the more you are able to take on any challenges in life so go for it!


Do your research, plan your trip carefully, book your flight and off you go. I know it can be daunting especially for the first time but with proper planning and preparation, you will have an amazing time. Feel free to browse through this website for some solo travel resources and my very best tips.

Safe travels.

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  2. I’d be traveling solo for the first time ever next month. And this was as a result of lack of who to travel with, my other friends are doing different countries and time.
    I was wary and kept scouting for new travel buddies.
    As the time drew close, I gave up and started planning it solo and now I’m super excited about it.
    I can’t wait to experience it🤗

  3. You make every one want to go on one, you make it look so easy. I’m sure it comes with certain challenges but that applies to everything in life. Thanks for the tip. I’m definitely going on one.

  4. Nothing I love more than travelling solo. Asides building my confidence, I’m able to relate with people and ask important questions.
    The small issue might be when I want to take photos.

  5. I really agree with you Ufuoma is great to travel just once, I mean you can take your own decisions where you want to go or what time you start the day, also personally I think it is the fastest way to move, because you do not have to take someone, it is also cheaper!

  6. You make every one want to go on one, you make it look so easy, I’m sure it comes with certain challenges just like any other thing in life but i am going to do it anyways so cheers to facing my fears Thanks for the tips.

    1. It’s amazing and I’m happy to see more people take it on because it really is one of the most enriching life experiences any one can have.

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