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Free Things To Ask For On A Flight

If there’s anything I have learnt from flying, it’s the power of asking. There are a couple of free things to ask for on a flight. I have them listed below, most of which are personally tried and tested.

People often don’t like to ask for three reasons: a.) Fear of rejection b.) Not to seem needy c.) Lack of knowledge of what they can get. But seriously, if you want it, just ask. Usually, asking with a smile works wonders! Don’t ask with a sense of entitlement, be gracious, polite and shoot your shot. So, let’s dive in. While some of these things are relatively tiny details, they can make a huge difference in ensuring your flight is a little more pleasurable.

The Whole Can of Soda

Isn’t it so annoying the small amount of soda served in the airplane? How is that supposed to quench a thirst? Let’s be honest here. Do not be afraid to ask for the whole can. Trust me, it is not a request they get often and it usually is obliged. If they cannot, at the very least, you will get a refill.


Not satisfied with that little snack you just got? No worries, you can be an Oliver Twist for a minute and ask for another round. Ask politely for a second snack/meal/drink.

A Bottle of Water

I would have thought this was very straightforward but you know what? It really isn’t. If you’re ever thirsty, ask for a bottle of water and if you have a bottle, ask for a refill. Simple.

A Cockpit Tour

If you are anything like me, you are incredibly curious. I couldn’t imagine flying and not knowing what goes on behind the scenes and so I asked for a tour of the cockpit, and I got it. Glad I did because it was such a thrilling experience. If you are down for something like that, make sure to ask on your next flight.


Tip: It is not wise to ask when it’s a busy flight that is about to take off or a super packed international flight. Gauge the mood and use your discretion. Usually, the best time to ask is after a flight has landed as the pilots are enjoying some downtime and are not in so much of a hurry.


Starting to feel a little light-headed, queasy or ill on the plane? Do not be afraid to reach out for help. Airlines usually carry very basic medication like aspirin, pain reliever, etc. So next time you are in this situation, (hopefully not) just ask.

Personal Grooming Kit

If you are in need of a personal grooming kit, especially on long haul flights, you can simply ask an attendant for one and they will be happy to hand one over.

Free Expert Advice

Want to experience a city in a different way beyond the top 10 places that TripAdvisor offers? Ask the flight attendants, especially if the plane is headed towards your final destination. No other person knows that destination as much as the flight attendants who repeatedly plied that route and explored the city multiple times.

A Flight Upgrade

Now, I know I mentioned earlier that I have tried and tested everything I have mentioned here but this is an exception. I have, however, seen it happen with a close relative. She was upgraded on her flight, and guess what? She asked. It was convenient; business class was not packed, it was a short flight, so why not? Don’t be afraid to ask because you never know.

So, next time you are on a flight and you need a little extra somethin’ somethin’ do not hesitate to ask. You have put a considerable amount of money into it and you should enjoy it as much as you can. So, go on, ask away.

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