Highlight Reel in Atlanta, Georgia

When I think Atlanta, I think Usher, John Mayer, and Ludacris who all got their big musical breaks in ATL. Atlanta was a great end to an already amazing summer 2016. (You are reading; Highlight reel in Atlanta, Georgia)


Here’s the deal with Atlanta;  As every other travel enthusiast will do,  I had done my research on things to do in the city and then I checked in on what Nomadic Matt had to say.

Hotlanta? More like Craplanta! I didn’t enjoy this place one bit, and it might be my least favorite city in the world.

Now, I respect Nomadic Matt, he is very well traveled and is easily one of my favorite travel bloggers so you can imagine how discouraged I was about visiting. Good thing I was going to be with family, else, I would have done a 180 degree spin on that trip.

In Skyview ride, Atlanta


My thoughts

I’d have to disagree with Matt here! I found Atlanta to be pretty decent. Maybe because it was really hot (If you live in Canada, you’ll understand my sentiments.) or maybe because I spent it with family but there was something so satisfying about that place. I know a lot of things can affect how you see a place like the length of time there, the people, and so on I really did like it.

So, going against the script, here are some highlights of my recent trip to Atlanta and why I think you should definitely include it in your travel list.


Skyview Atlanta

Skyview Atlanta is basically a gondola ride that gives a great view of Downtown Atlanta. Downtown Atlanta is home to CNN, Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park, 191 Peach Tree and so on. This to me is the best thing about Atlanta. A tourist’s dream is to have all the attractions close to each other, so major points for Atlanta there!

img_5382 img_5410 img_5411

Bank of America plaza
Bank of America plaza


CNN tour

Do not go to Atlanta without doing this. I repeat. Do not go to Atlanta without doing this. It’s amazing how a behind-the-scenes action can give you so much insight on something you thought you already knew and this was exactly what this experience did for me. The place is calm on the outside but absolutely chaotic on the inside. Major props to the people who work in such a fast-paced, changing environment as this.



World of Coca-Cola

This one made me remember business school and the endless case studies we had to dissect . I remember how the history of Coca-Cola, one of the biggest brands in the world was hammered on but nothing gave me insight and great understanding as much as a tour around the World of Coca-Cola did. I left there feeling an urgent need to build myself a legacy. This is what I love about traveling, a chance to learn and gain insight.

A statue of John Pemberton, founder of Coca-Cola


Centennial Olympic Park

This was where the 1996 Olympic games happened and this place is packed with so much history. The fascinating thing about this place was that people donated $35 to fund the walkways for the Olympics and they had their names engraved on the bricks that they bought which was about 500,000. Amazing the magic that can happen when people decide to come together!






Newly weds at Centennial Park. He smiled for the camera 🙂
The engraved blocks with the contributors’ names

The Lindsey’s Church

I have been following the amazing couple, Heather and Cornelius Lindsey for a while. Their story is very impressive and I just had to stop at The Gathering Oasis Church for a sermon. I was blessed to meet them in person and listen to the sermon that came in at a very apt time in my life. I encourage you to watch it here.

The Gathering Oasis Church


Spending time with the people you love is always a great idea. I needed it. Living alone and being away from family can be incredibly difficult so I love how Atlanta gave me that opportunity to spend time with the ones that I hold dear to my heart.




Moral of the story

I am glad I did not listen to what Nomadic Matt had to say and honestly, it is always best to go there yourself and experience it for yourself. It is yours to determine and no one else’s. An incredibly popular location can be underwhelming, just like Paris was for me and a not-so-popular one might bring the best memories so,

Go there, see things for yourself. It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

img_5385 img_5387

Till next time,

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