Guest Inspiration: The Ugandan x Nigerian Travel Couple

Did someone say couple goals? Yes. Meet the Kasozis, a couple that enjoy traveling the world together. There must be something quite exhilarating about seeing the world with that special one, right? Right, but let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, shall we?


My name is Grace Kasozi (Nigerian.) and I am currently an Associate Brand Manager for a large CPG company in the Midwest. I reside in North Eastern Wisconsin with my husband, Martin (Ugandan.)

Grace Kasozi
Martin Kasozi
Martin Kasozi

When did your passion for travel start?

A: It started in my teenage years as a result of spending a large part of my time traveling around the United states with my sisters for church conferences and musical performances. We would drive to New York city for weekend gigs and then head over to Tennessee for another event. By the time I was 18, we had traveled to over 25 different states across America. However, it wasn’t until I started my freshman year of school that I discovered international travel.

Ugandan Travel couple

Catching the travel bug

A: I was accepted into a study abroad program in London in the fall of 2008 alongside 45 other students. Despite traveling all over the United States, I had never been on a single flight. It was during my semester abroad in London that I was bitten with the travel bug.

Despite traveling all over the United States, I had never been on a single flight until my semester abroad in London.

During my study abroad program, I spent every weekend traveling to other parts of Europe and Africa. Weekends in Ibiza or quick trips to Munich was the norm. I became intoxicated with travel and intrigued by the complexity of our world. When I returned from London, all I wanted to do was travel more. I soon signed up for another study abroad program and the following year I was in Spain and Morocco. Ever since, I make it a priority to see at least 4 to 5 new countries every year.


Why do you like traveling with your spouse?

A: To me, a trip is only as good as the people you bring along. My husband and I both have a passion for travel and this is what makes every trip all the more special. Not only is he my best friend, we share the same interests, goals, ambitions, and hobbies. Due to having so much in common, planning trips are always quite easy. We both enjoy art and we love finding “off the beat” places to visit, so when we travel its quite simple to set an itinerary.

A trip is only as good as the people you bring along.

There are hundreds of other reasons why I love traveling with my husband and I can’t name them all, but what makes every trip with him special is that we both share and appreciate the beauty in nature. We sometimes find ourselves entranced by mountainous views or the roaring waves of the ocean. Our trips might seem simple but for us its filled with peaceful moments.




Have you learnt anything about your partner through travel?

A: I knew my husband was a self-less giver before we began our travels. In fact, this was one of the many reasons I fell for him. But as we travel, I see this more evidently. He holds my bags up narrow cobble pathways in Italy, he will let me eat his snacks despite being hungry on long train rides, after long days of traveling, he will go out and get us food as I rest in the hotel room, he even will find and create special dates in every city we travel. Those moments make me realize just how blessed I am.

He holds my bags up narrow cobble pathways in Italy.

When you travel, there are many unexpected events that may occur which can be really trying on a relationship. I learned that despite what may occur, my husband will undoubtedly put my needs above his own to make sure I am happy.







After reading the book, The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle, I challenge myself to live in the now and to be in the moment. Its easier said than done though because I love taking photos, editting them, or constantly snapchatting my experiences. However, sometimes, these forms of communication take away from the moments at hand. Live for the present and relinquish every second of your life especially during your travels.

Don’t let anything hold you back from traveling. Take the plunge and leap into your next trip.

I have seen many benefits of traveling, both professionally and personally. I am always so excited to continue exploring this beautiful world we have. “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list” by Susan Sontag sums up my future travel goals. Don’t let anything hold you back from traveling. Take the plunge and leap into your next trip.


You can follow Grace Kasozi on Instagram 
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experiences with her husband, Martin.

I came across these tips you might find helpful if you are a couple looking to travel together. It can also be very much applied to friends and family too. I also wrote about tips for picking a good travel partner, because a bad one can ruin the entire experience. You can read here

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    1. Thanks Amarachi- glad you do!

      Good question!
      First, I will have to understand the reasons why. Is it a genuine lack of interest, fear, finances? There are several reasons why someone might not like to travel. Some people just don’t think it’s a lifestyle they should adopt and consider it as luxury i.e travel only when it’s time for a honeymoon or birthday, etc. and that’s okay, you can’t blame them for it, it’s a choice more than anything else.

      It’s a bit tricky though when they happen to be your partner and don’t like it as much as you do.
      Personally, I will try to push for locations that aren’t too far away- start locally and regionally and then try to expand from there. I will also engage in activities that they like and hope they reciprocate that act once in a while. It’s hard but we can all make compromises every now and then, especially when it comes to a significant other.

      1. Hello Ufuoma, I love this response and you are spot on. I think you should do a full post and talk about this in detail. It will be very helpful..

        1. Thank you Morenike. About making a full post on this, I will definitely keep that in mind. Thank you.

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