A Solo Travel Essential That is Often Overlooked

Solo travel is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have. The joy of adventuring at your own pace, the freedom from exploring and meeting new people, is unmatched. 

However, as someone who has traveled to more than 20 countries alone, I know how nerve-wracking and scary it can be. Solo travel can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick is how prepared you are with the travel essentials that will make your trip a breeze.  

Here are my three main solo travel essentials that I always take with me while traveling; including a solo travel essential that is often overlooked.

A portable charger

Only a few things are worse than running out of battery on your phone while traveling, even worse when you are in the middle of navigating your trip. Our phones are a big part of our travels – they can help us look at a map for navigation, book a taxi, stay in touch with family and friends, find the best nearby restaurant, and so much more. This is why you need to have a spare portable charger that will keep your phone powered up. It is also important that as a solo traveler, you have a way to contact your family, hotels or tour guides, especially in situations when you need some extra help. Don’t leave home without getting one.

A reliable travel insurance (this is the one often overlooked – but should not be.)

This is a solo travel essential that is often overlooked. Travel medical insurance is a must-have for any trip – even more so when you are traveling by yourself. Do you have coverage for unforeseen events? Oftentimes, travelers do all the preparation but fail to make travel insurance a priority. Maybe you’re unsure where to start, or which policy and fine prints you should look for, etc. Isn’t travel insurance expensive? There are so many questions, but I come bearing answers.

Ever heard of Nomad Insurance by SafetyWing? With Nomad Insurance, you can have reliable travel insurance to keep you covered in the event of any unforeseen travel events and medical emergencies. They have coverage in 185+ countries.  We would much rather have a smooth and safe travel experience, but life happens, and you should always be prepared for whatever it brings. 

One thing I like about Nomad Insurance is that, unlike other travel insurance packages that you have to buy before your trip, you can purchase Nomad Insurance while your trip is still ongoing because, let’s face it – it can be easy to forget. 

Click here to get affordable travel insurance for your next trip or the one you are currently on.

A portable tripod

Your exciting solo travel adventures deserve to be captured and cherished for life. Just because you are traveling alone and have no friends to take those IG-worthy photos doesn’t make it any less important to capture. Well, guess what? A tripod is the next best thing. Pick up a portable tripod (bonus points if it has a Bluetooth remote clicker), there are many you can find online, and have a great time capturing those moments on vacation. You deserve it.


Made it to the end? In summary, when you go off on your solo travel adventures, make sure to have a portable charger, travel insurance and a tripod. This will make the journey less tedious, more fun, and, most importantly, safe.

Looking for affordable and reliable travel insurance? Check out Nomad Insurance and use this link to book and stay protected while traveling. It’s that easy.

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