10 things that will make your life easier

There are several things that will make life a whole lot easier but here are some of my 10 personal favorite things to consider and incorporate into your lifestyle. Read on and share yours in the comments too.

Loving yourself

I state this as number one at the risk of sounding really cliche but I couldn’t help it because it really is true. Love yourself, flaws and all. It’s one of the most important gifts you can give yourself and will make your life incredibly easier.


Confidence, not arrogance. Confidence and faith in your ability to deliver, to lead a fulfilling life and to do what you say you will do. However, you can’t be confident if you do not put in work. So, put in the work required, seek continuous improvement, work hard and you will have every reason to be confident.

Listening to Elders

I was recently talking to a friend and he said, “I have decided to start listening more to older people. They have the ultimate cheat sheet on life.” I couldn’t agree more. We might shrug their advice off thinking they are just old fashioned, but if we pay more attention, they just might be correct. Chances are, they have walked that path before us, and they know.

I have decided to start listening more to older people. They have the ultimate cheat sheet on life.

Understanding Your Privilege Point

We all have something we didn’t work too hard for and we always seem to be flourishing in. Flawless skin without expensive skin care, Excellent grades without having to pull an all-nighter, being the one people always come to for advice, etc. Find out your privilege point and run with it!

The Right Company

Oh, how important this is! Associate yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself, who celebrate your strengths and will tell you point- blank-period about your weaknesses and when you fall flat to the floor, they cheer you back up again.

Being a Morning Person

This is something people struggle with but being a morning person will make your life a lot easier because night comes when no man can work. You can argue that you are more productive at night but who is up at that time? Just you. This article on kacheetee.com might help you become one.


Prayer is key to an easier life. If you find life getting overwhelming, pray. If you find life really really beautiful, still pray. Pray more, worry less.

A Forgiving Spirit

Forgiveness is key, letting go is everything. Understand what you can change and what you must accept. Keeping grudges will hurt you, whether you are in the right or wrong. Forgive, move on, namaste.

A Filtered Tongue

In the name of being blunt, people say all sorts of things with no filter. It is not only unwise, it is extremely dangerous. Know that, trouble comes to the people who have no control over their tongue. Don’t be that person.


I hate how important money is sometimes but that’s life. It is often said that when you create something of value, money will follow. Also, understand your financial situation and live within your means. Be wise! Make investments when you must, save when you must and spend your money on only the things that you need and the things that make you happy. Needless to say, money will make your life a lot easier.

So, those are 10 things that will make your life a whole lot easier. Have anything to add? The floor is yours for the taking! <Comment Section>

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference

Have a great weekend,

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  1. 100% agreed! Especially with that your friend. He sounds a lot like me. ;).

    Keeping a positive and cheerful attitude also makes our outlook on our lives a lot easier. Just be happy for no reason and all the reasons to be happy we start to manifest.

    1. Maybe because that is him! Haha.
      Thanks for stopping by. And that was such a great conversation.
      You’re right about keeping a positive and cheerful attitude. So important! Thanks for the additions.

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