Six Possible Ways to Travel the World for ‘Free’

Have you ever wondered if you could travel the world for free? For many people, this will be a dream. Is it possible? Sometimes. You can travel the world for ‘free’ in some instances but always keep in mind that nothing is truly free. There’s always a catch. Many times, there has to be some kind of value exchange.

To be able to travel the world for free, you either need to have travel as a career or be offering some kind of benefit or value in return. There are however a few options for those who want to travel for free occasionally.

If you’re still curious, here are some possible options for you.

1.) Teach English abroad

Are you an English speaker? Love teaching? Foreigners everywhere are looking for your skills. Websites like will pay you to teach English abroad and cover your expenses – especially in places like Spain and Germany.

Is this free? Not exactly, because you are trading your skill in exchange for free travel, but it is an option worth exploring.


Surprised by this? Don’t be! An organization called WWOOF has become increasingly popular over the years. Look them up! They offer free room and board in exchange for helping an organic farmer out. WWOOF is so popular because not only do you get free travel, you also get to learn the culture and intricacies of working on an organic farm and live with a local family. If you are adventurous enough, this is an option.


If you enjoy flying or want to travel the world, you can consider becoming a flight attendant. Typically, they get some hours or days to explore the city. Many times you may have to be bilingual, less than 6ft tall (due to the size of airplanes), and well-groomed. Check out this guide on how to become a flight attendant.


This option is great for students or anyone at all! It’s a great opportunity to give back and travel while at it. Check out websites like GoOverseas and Idealist for volunteer abroad options.


With a travel reward credit card, you can rack up enough points to score you a free flight ticket or hotel stay. This is perfect for frequent travelers. But to get this, you must have already spent a fair amount of your own money. However, if you already travel frequently, you definitely need to start taking advantage and rack up miles for possible free travel. Here’s a list of great travel reward credit cards.


Like me! Even though 99% of the time I pay my way around the world, I sometimes get discounted stays and travel blogger perks when I travel. Room upgrades, one-night free stay, even a paid all-inclusive trip, etc but that’s in exchange for a mention or a review or social media tags. It takes a while to get these perks as you’d have to be dedicated and consistent and have great quality work. By no means is this free work as you are providing value. Also, you must have traveled extensively on your own dime and have an established audience. For those who want to be travel influencers, this is a great way to get sometimes free travel.

Pro-tip: Being a travel blogger is hard work. You must continuously improve your craft as the industry has lots of talented creators. Do it for passion and remain consistent.


My advice for anyone who wants to travel the world for “free” is to consider having a travel-focused career or a job that gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere – that way you can work and travel at the same time. You definitely have to be creative, open-minded and think outside the box. Be open-minded (I know I already said that, but worth mentioning again)

Which of these options will you be considering?

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