Five Things To Do Now If You Want to Travel in 2020

2019 is just about rolling away and most people are already making plans for 2020. However, many people wait until 2020 to actually take any action. Plans are great but the magic lies in the actions we take. This is true for most things, including travel. The earlier you start setting things in motion for your 2020 travels, the better.

You may be wondering, are there things you can do NOW to give you better chances of traveling in 2020? OF COURSE, YES. So why wait until then? *crickets*. Good! Now, here are five things you can do now if you want to make 2020 your year of travel and exploration.

1.) Get your passport ready!

Oh I hear you! What a cliche statement. But you’d be surprised how many people either don’t have a passport, have one that is expiring soon or just cannot be bothered to check. Why wait until the new year to get it all sorted out when you can do it now and worry about other things? Check your passport, when it expires and make plans to renew them. There are many countries that wouldn’t allow you entry into their country if your passport is valid for less than six months or three months so you want to be on top of your documentation.

This also goes for any sort of documentation you may need like visas, travel insurance and so on! Get your papers in check!

ACTION: Open up your calendar and set reminders for when your passport is expiring or when some of your visas are expiring as well. You do not want to be caught off guard. Set the reminder for at least two months in advance so that gives you time to take action where necessary.

2.) Be an early bird! Book now

Who says you have to wait until 2020 to start booking your travels? In the world of travel, the early birds win! (Most of the time anyway) Find a ticket you fancy? Book now! A hotel that looks right up your alley? Waste no time! BOOK! There’s no reason to wait if you find a deal you like.

ACTION: You can book flights on Skyscanner and book hotel and accommodation on Booking.com.

3.) Get your finances in order!

Yes, the dreaded money talk again on this page? It never ends, sorry! With the holiday season approaching, there’s a greater temptation to splurge and indulge in things that may or may not be regrettable. I am team treat yourself but I am also team honor your future and I am happy to say there is a healthy balance. After detty december comes jaded January, if you aren’t careful and what a bad way to start your “year of travel”.

ACTION – Create a dedicated travel savings account and set up automatic deposits for every time you get some income or your paycheck.

4.) Set up flight price alerts

One of the things that I do in advance is set up numerous flight price alerts for the year to come. When you set up flight price alerts on sites like Skyscanner and Kayak, you are sent an automatic email letting you know when the prices have gone up or down. Hopefully it goes down and you are inspired to book that holiday.

5.) Start getting fit!

Yes, I just told you to hit the gym. I know this might seem a little odd but you need a certain level of physical fitness (and mental alertness too!) to be able to absorb and enjoy your travels. How else are you going to do that 30-minute hike or sit through that 12 hour flight? Not saying travel always has to be extreme but you want to always be ready for whatever comes your way. Now is the time to start hitting the gym or going on morning runs – whatever is needed to get you in shape for your travels next year. Be ready.


These are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for 2020 travels. Everyone else waits until 2020 to start making plans but why be like them? Swing into action and get a headstart on your 2020 adventures. I’ll be here, rooting for you and giving you all the tools you need to make 2020 your year of wholesome travel adventures, exploration and new discoveries. Subscribe and follow me everywhere so you stay in the loop.

Until next time,

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