Pre-Travel Diaries: A Birthday Getaway to Las Vegas, Nevada

Heading to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday is the most cliché thing ever but I am getting old, and my brain is getting lazier and my travel list is seriously shrinking.

Also, I haven’t ever been to Las Vegas (a little shocking to me!) and Las Vegas is a party city which I am totally in the mood for.

Why Las Vegas?

No city screams party-and-have-the-time-of-your-life than Las Vegas does.

I’ve done annual birthday getaways that tie into the mood I am going for. Last year, it was more of an explorative mood so I picked Morocco. The year prior was Orlando, Florida and the year before that, The Bahamas.

This year, it’s about celebrating, making merry and being grateful for life. That’s why I chose Las Vegas. That’s why I couldn’t think of a better place than Las Vegas.

What I want from my Vegas experience

I want to make new memories with old friends. I am gunning to have a really good time that I wouldn’t stop gushing about when I’m back home in Toronto. I want to go to the best pool parties and stuff my face with cocktails (and alcohol – sorry mum!). I want to walk along the Vegas strip with a Popsicle in hand. I want to dance and celebrate and be merry.

How I prepared for my trip to Vegas

My trip to Vegas has so far been the most stress-less preparation to date. There wasn’t a lot to do other than book a hotel which I did via my favorite hotel booking site, I didn’t have to worry about a visa as I already have a valid US visa.

My Las Vegas Itinerary 

My Vegas itinerary is filled with pool parties and a lot of bar hopping. However, I have left room for an adventure at the Seven Magic Mountains which I have been dying to see for a long time. I’ll as usual, share some of the best places I visited on the Las Vegas strip, after the trip is over.


I can’t wait to explore the beautiful city of Vegas and have a good time. In way of the blog, I can’t promise to share my adventure as you know what they say, “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Wink wink!

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Photos are from: Unsplash

Thank you so much for reading.

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