Six Mobile Apps That Make Me A Better Traveler

Don’t we all love technology and its ability to make our lives easier? I certainly do! These mobile apps have struck a chord in my heart and help make my travels easier, smoother and a lot more enjoyable. I hope you check them out.

1.)  BonJournal

Bonjournal is a minimalist travel journal and, my best travel pal. We know it is easy to miss out on the details while on the road but this journal helps me keep track of how I am feeling, what I am up to, and everything else on my trip. Best part? It works without WIFI so I can use it when I want.

Keeps memories alive and makes me a more aware traveler

2.)  TripIT

This is the ultimate trip planner. I love using this app as it helps me map out the finer details of my trip. The interface is beautiful, and it is just a joy to use. You can sync up your flight confirmation and a calendar with this app and it will alert you when it is time. Also great for group travels, as you can send the itinerary to the trip members and they can view, edit, and put their suggestions. A great app for every traveler- old and new.

Makes me a more organized traveler

3.)  Daily Budget

It is so easy to lose track of just how much you are spending while traveling. This app is like that evil aunt we love to avoid but stays telling us the truth. It updates you know when you are going over-budget and tells you what your daily spend should be, based on your income and expenses. It is a brilliant, straight-to-the-point app with an easy-to-use interface. I love this app.

Makes me a more financially-conscious traveler

4.)  Calm

This might be my favorite app on this list and I only just discovered it. I like to think I am calm by nature but sometimes, travel pushes all my buttons. From flight delays, to noisy hotel rooms, to chaotic local markets, and loud noises while flying, this app helps me stay… calm!

Makes me a more relaxed and happier traveler

5.)  Packpoint

If like me, you dread packing for a trip, this is the app for you. All you have to do is put down the name of the place you are visiting, the number of nights you will stay, what you will do (i.e. Business, Leisure, Beach, Hiking, etc.) and it will generate a comprehensive packing list, based on the weather in the country. You can always remove what you do not need, or add to the list and save for future travels. There is also the ability to tick as you pack. A winner.

Makes me a lighter traveler

6.)  Duolingo

I often visit countries where English isn’t the first language and I have to communicate effectively (and respectfully). With Duolingo, I can pick up easy phrases that will help me get by. Phrases like, “how much is this?” “Can I get a glass of water?” “Where is the direction to xxx” “With ice, please!” etc. The Duolingo app is interactive and makes learning fun. You can also track your learning progress as you go.

Makes me a better communicator while traveling

So, these are some of my favorite apps I love to use for traveling. These are supplementary apps besides the usual flight and hotel booking apps. They help me be a better traveler. What are your favorite travel-related apps? Let me know in the comments, I’ll love to check them out.

Until next time,

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  1. Never heard of any of these! I wish I traveled more often. If I do I’ll definitely download all of these. Thanks for the info!

  2. Fantastic article! Duolingo is a must have. Evernote has been a trusted journal for a few years but I will definitely give BonJournal a try. Thanks for sharing these useful travel apps.

  3. I really loved how you showed personal examples on how each app has helped you to be a better traveler. The calm app sounds amazing. Definitely going to give that a try. Traveling does have it’s stressful moments. You were right about that.

  4. Calm is amazing! I’m obsessed! I just downloaded MAPS.ME for an upcoming trip and it seems great. Best part it doesn’t use data, so it will work in remote places if you have pre-downloaded the map.

  5. ooo, I’m going to update my travel apps. Actually I’m just going to replace them with yours as I need packpoint in my life.

    I had apps like vert (currency conversion), first aid apps and ‘been’.

    Great post as usual Ufuoma.

  6. This is a great list of apps. I’ve never heard of Calm before. It seems like it would be very useful for more than just traveling. Going to have to check it out. Agree, love Duolingo…an easy language app. Love it as well!

  7. A good recommendation of mobile apps for travelers like us. But unlike you, I like #1 the best, especially it works without WIFI. That way I don’t have to take all the brochures home; just write down important info and what’s special with you at that place. Now, I have to find out whether my cell still has enough memory for the app. Thank you!

  8. I rely so much on phone apps when I travel! I also love Duolingo because I love learning languages and it’s nice to be able to at least say basic phrases. I also really like the Google Trips app because it automatically finds reservation confirmation emails in my gmail account and builds offline itineraries (Google knows everything lol) that I can supplement with downloadable city guides if I want.

  9. Love your list of must have travel apps! I’m especially interested in BonJournal and would have to look into it – thank you for the heads up!

  10. I’ve heard people sing TripIt’s praises. I typically just make an itinerary on my notes app but I think I’m going to check it out. I probably need packpoint like yesterday. Yay for calming + centering! I have both Calm & Simple Habit for meditation which I try to do as often as possible & especially when I’m traveling. + you already know how I feel about Duo!

    Some of my fave travel-related apps are TimeOut – great for recommendations of what to do in certain cities, Pinterest [for the same reason as timeout] and Google Translate – because sometimes my brain just can’t translate [Spanish] fast enough + you can download your language of choice offline. I also really like Wallet – helps me achieve my paperless traveler goals.

  11. I knew of Duolingo and Tripit but not any of the others. BonJournal is the one i’m going to use right away as I currently just use the notes app on my phone. Yay, thanks!!!!

  12. Oh my gosh !!! I love all these and didn’t know if any of them ! Thx for sharing ! My new fav is travel pirates… links to amazing deals !
    Thx for sharing !


  13. So…I feel like a horrible traveller because I didn’t know about any of these!! Lol…but now I do! Thanks for the tips…

  14. Heyy! That Packpoint! I need it in my life! Lol. Great list, I was only aware of Duolingo but my owl isn’t very happy at the moment 🙁 I’ll get back to it and will definitely check the other apps out.

  15. I’m not familiar with any of these travel apps, but duolingo seems interesting. Knowing some rudimentary phrases really makes life easier for us travelers. How many languages are covered in the app?

    1. Duolingo is really awesome and highly recommended. Learning a new language has never been more fun. Can’t speak on how many languages are covered but there’s not one language that I’ve searched for that I didn’t find so it seems pretty comprehensive. You should totally check it out.

  16. Oh this is interesting, I never really use any travel app. For journaling and expense tracker, I use Google Keep coz I frequently use it. However, I think I am going to try Calm and Packpoint. Thanks!

  17. You shared some great apps girl! I definitely need to check out TripIt. Two of my fave apps are maps.me for offline apps and xe currency app so I can calculate the price of an item in my own currency.

    1. Yes they are all free, I believe. Don’t remember paying for any of them. They may have premium or in-app purchases but that’s all optional.

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