Pre-Travel Diaries: Ringing In The New Year in Mexico

It’s been nearly three months since I last hopped on a plane, and boy, have I missed that. Due to a couple of reasons, I had to slowdown my travels at the end of 2017. I am thankful for the privilege and ability to travel and I do not take any of it for granted. I am really excited to be on the move again and hopefully kick-start a year of amazing travel adventures.

Today is the last day that we will ever be this young.

The year is already off to a great start with a #GIRLSTRIP to Mexico. Mexico has been on my radar for a few years now and the opportunity has never quite presented itself as strongly as it has now, and safe to say, I took it.


(Pictured above, with room for flexibility should plans change.)

I will be spending more time in Tulum, the much quieter side of Mexico. Tulum is a charming part of Mexico with a lot of boho vibes to it, which is the mood I am going for. I imagine that Cancun (the much louder side) is a little too spring-break-college-student-vacation for me. Nothing wrong with that, but the granny in me might be bored after a while. I’ll still explore it though, for good measure.


I am drawn to locations that offer a diverse range of activities that fit all the different traveler types in me; the adventurous traveler, the laid-back traveler, and the culturally-curious traveler. I am a little bit of a history buff and Mexico will certainly feed that side of me. I’ll also love to learn about the Mayan people – always found them fascinating. And of course, catch some R&R at the powdery white beaches there. Stuff my face with authentic Mexican tacos, sip on mojitos and importantly, practise my Spanish. It’s gotten a bit rusty now.

Mexico is a mosaic of different realities and beauties.

– Enrique Pena Nieto


Excited, but I bet you already knew that. I love an opportunity to explore a new country, new cultures, and chase new experiences. Also, the chance to relax at the start of the year is very welcome. It’s going to be a busy year for me, so I am happy to be inspired and motivated by the experience I will have in Mexico.


1.) I booked my accomodations at booking.com and hotels.com

2.) I planned out my itinerary using the TripIt mobile app. I highly recommend this app.

3.) Before leaving, I will be getting some cash and converting to the Mexican Pesos. I hear changing currencies in Mexico is a bit expensive.

4.) I will be alternating between two cities (Tulum and Cancun). I’ll be taking the ADO bus as a means of transportation. They are only two hours apart, so it should be pretty manageable. You can book bus tickets online here.

5.) I shopped my favorite online stores (asos.com, missguided.com, zara.com & prettylittlething.com) for some vacation outfits, warm breezy dresses, and beach get-ups. Using standard delivery, my items came to me in the US in 5-7 business days. All items came in good condition and were exactly as pictured on the internet.


1.) Do you need a VISA? I did not need a visa because I have  Canadian and USA multiple-entry visas. You can use this site to find out if you need one by entering your country of birth and residence.

2.) The country’s currency is the Mexican Peso. Calculate currency rates here.

3.) Read a little bit on Mexico before you leave. A little research is always helpful. Here’s a great summary.

4.) Pack warm clothing, bug sprays, sunscreen, and a hat, if going in the “summer”. Check weather forecast here to find out the season you will be arriving Mexico so you can pack appropriate gear.

5.) Stay safe and have fun!

As always, I will be sharing my #MEXPERIENCE on the blog and hopefully on my social media platforms. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @theufuoma and subscribe to the blog to be in the loop of things. I will be back with more information, photos, and maybe videos from Mexico. I hope you enjoy it and you are inspired to take your own adventures.

Until next time,

Thank you for the love and support.

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  1. LOL YAY YOU! Have a safe trip and have fun. Can’t wait to read the follow up post about this trip!!!
    “Today is the last day that we will ever be this young.” – lol why are you shouting?

  2. This is exciting!! Mexico – and this area of Mexico specifically, the Riviera Maya – was my favorite trip in 2017! It’s such a lovely place to visit and there’s lots to do in terms of history, adventure, culture, beaches, etc. It’s also an awesome location for foodies. Looking forward to reading about your experience. Enjoy! || http://www.lorikemi.com

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