Am I Running Away? Travel Shaming and More!

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Am I Running Away? Travel Shaming and More!

Hi there! Feels like quite sometime since I updated you guys. A lot has been happening lately but I will be back fully, I promise.

So, am I running away?

I had a recent experience with someone who was brutally honest with me and told me that she thought people who traveled were insecure in their own lives and wanted to run away from their problems. She said she was worried that might be the case for me. Her concern had me thinking about this and all the other times people in my circle had expressed similar concerns.

So, it is possible to spend money, go experience something new and exciting which you believe adds value to your life and it can still be considered as being insecure or running away? Now don’t get me wrong, I do not consider traveling to be a noble cause to be applauded. It is a personal choice, a lifestyle for me and nothing else.

Am I upset by this misconception? No.  I just want to point out to you how an innocent lifestyle choice can easily be misconstrued and misunderstood. Nevertheless, if you are passionate about it and it hurts no one, do it.

Travel shaming is a thing and whether you like it or not, people do it. They will consistently question your life’s choices, especially when they do not understand it. I have heard them all; statements like,

“Can’t you sit your a** somewhere”

“Won’t you go broke?”

“How many more vacation days do you need?”

Didn’t you just get back?”

“Give the money to charity”

“Focus at work”

and my personal favorite – “How will you find a husband if you do not stay in one place?”.  

Sometimes it comes from a genuinely good place but other times its just being plain judgmental.


The moment in my life when I realized that no matter how you choose to live your life today, people will always find something wrong to say, was the beginning of true freedom.

So, dear friends,

I am not running away from my problems or insecurities. I am however, running towards a life full of endless possibilities, learning and fulfillment. There is a big world outside of my domain and I am determined to see it all, you should too.

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Love always,

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