Short and sweet in Boston, Massachusetts

How can two days be so eventful? These were my exact thoughts while catching a flight back to Canada on Sunday night. It was indeed two days well spent and packed with activities, I barely had time to catch my breath.

Boston is one of those big American cities that doesn’t make you feel lost in the crowd. It has the benefits of a big city without all the noise that comes with it. I love that!

Here’s what I got up to during my memorable weekend in Boston.


I arrived Friday night thoroughly exhausted. On arrival, there were no Ubers available at the airport so I opted to take the train. The train ride was decent and it was easy to navigate. Tickets for a one-way trip are about $2.75 and this is can cover a huge part of your transportation. One of the surest ways to get the local experience while traveling is by using the public transportation.


Saturday, well rested, I hit the Boston streets by foot. Boston is one of those big American cities that does not make you feel lost in the crowd. It has the benefits of a big city without all the noise that comes with it. I love that.

A great way to explore Boston is by foot as most of the major historic centers are close to each other. From the Boston Public Library to the Boston Commons, Freedom Trail, Boston Public Gardens, Prudential Hill and Newbury Street, everything is within walking distance. Taking the train too, is bliss! Did you know? The first subway tunnel in America is in Boston.

After the walking tours and seeing the beautiful city, we proceeded for some Kayaking action at the Charles River, absolutely beautiful. It was my first Kayaking experience too, hello reduced bucket list!

The weather was a bit so so but who did that ever stop? Certainly not me.

Boston Public Library
FullSizeRender (1)
Boston Public Library
Untitled design (11)
Boston Public Library
Untitled design (13)
Untitled design (12)
The beautiful Boston Public Library
DSC02652 copy
Liiiiioooon! (Recently unfollowed DJKhaled on Snapchat and it has proved to be one of my best decisions this year.)

I always say this, one of the best parts of a travel experience are the things unplanned for. As much of a planner as I am, I always look out for the unplanned. Like Hey, what you got? Surprise me.

DSC02665 copy
This guy walked up to us to start a conversation. How cute!
His reaction when I told him he might make an appearance on my blog haha!

We can plan the places we go to, activities to do, where to stay and so on but can we really plan the people we get to meet? Not really. That, I find to be the most fascinating thing about Traveling.

DSC02671 copy
Newbury Street
Charles River Esplanade
Best girl Ebbz at the Charles River
Untitled design-39
Your girl! 🙂

Untitled design-38

Yours Truly 🙂
Time for some Kayaking action. This day pass cost $20 for unlimited Kayaking. Sweet!
Untitled design-40
DSC02784 copy
Awesome view while Kayaking
Cheers to ticking off the bucket list one step at a time


Hatch Shell. Typically used for concerts and outdoor activities
Hatch Shell at the Charles River. Typically used for concerts and outdoor activities
DSC02865 copy
Welcome to the Public Garden of Boston

DSC02830 copy

DSC02841 copy
You guys know how much I love Nature. This was beautiful.

DSC02847 copy

DSC02840 copy

DSC02831 copy

DSC02869 copy

DSC02872 copy

Okay. Make way for the ducklings
Okay. Make way for the ducklings
DSC02859 copy
Being a little baby fascinated by an immobile duck


Dinner with some good people
The Thai food was great! It was at Beantown Pho and Grill. It cost about $25 per person which is quite decent.


Sunday was the day to say my goodbyes but it didn’t come without an event of its own. Boat cruise around Boston Harbor Islands and an amazing whale watching activity to round off the already awesome weekend!

Boston Harbor Cruises. A 3 hour cruise and Whale Watching cost $50. It was worth it.
DSC02939 copy
Waiting for the Whales to show up
The beautiful Whale twirling for me. We saw over 40 Whales that day. Pretty impressive for a cloudy day.
DSC02911 copy
Boston is beautiful.
DSC02908 copy
*Oh, say! Can you see by the dawn’s early light. What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming*
DSC02919 copy
Boston Harbor Islands
Goodbye Boston, it’s been real!

While having a 9-5 might mean some money available to travel, it also means no time off to travel hence having to take weekend trips here and there. Weekend trips are relatively inexpensive if you look at the broader picture. Some people argue that you should stay long enough to make up for the amount paid on flight tickets but remember, the longer the stay, the more expenses on food, living and hotel. So I’d say, sometimes, keep it short and sweet like I did in Boston.

Till next time,

the ufuoma six

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  1. You did all of these in just two days? I hail! i would have been so tired after all the activities. Lovely post and I love your blog. really inspired to travel but no money in this buhari economy 🙁

    1. Too young to be tired eh? ONLY when I am traveling though. Lol, don’t let Buhari stop you! (If you are christian, remember, when they say there is a casting down…Job 22:29) 🙂

  2. Hey Girllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…… just showing you some Boston love!

  3. Hallos, I think you twice meant to type “Newbury” Street and not “Newsbury” 😉 – easy mistake to make. I’m glad you had fun in Boston, but a weekend is way too short to explore & enjoy all that Beantown has to offer 😉 – I enjoyed living in Boston! Next time, try Bostons legendary clam chowders!

    I hope this doesn’t get published on your blog as a regular comment, because I don’t want to be publicly correcting your blog (but I felt, you’d like to know there was an error), so if this comment is public, kindly hide/delete it. Thanx and I enjoy your blogs. Happy travels!

    1. Thanks so much for pointing that out. Definitely open to getting corrected on any mistakes I make, that’s what this is all about right? And I was just talking to a colleague at work about Boston and kept saying “Newsbury” wish I saw your comment first haha! *facepalm*. Thanks again! Correcting those riiiiight away.

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