Can’t Travel Just Yet? Six Great Alternatives to Traveling

So you want to travel and see the world, experience new cultures, learn new things, unwind, or break free from a routine but you can’t just yet.  Here are 6 things you can do right now, right where you are.

1.) Explore your local environment (vs Explore the world.)

You don’t necessarily have to go far for a great experience, you can explore your local environment. You will be surprised at how much there is to do, places to see, new things to learn. Go on a road trip, join local tours, explore your environment. If you are in Nigeria, you should check out Social Prefect Tours for regular tours locally.

2.) Make multicultural friends (vs Explore new cultures.)

While traveling gives you the opportunity to mix up with people from different cultures and learn new things, you can also enjoy those same benefits by getting out of your usual circle and mixing with people outside your race, tribe or ethnic group. There are diversity of opinions and perspectives to be drawn from these interactions. So, consider stepping out of your social boundaries and mixing up with people from different backgrounds. The key is to build an expansive mindset and challenge your thinking.

3.) Pick up a new hobby (vs. Break-free from a routine)

Picking up a new hobby is always a great thing to do in order to break-free from a routine. If your routine was Wake up- Work- Traffic- Home- Sleep- Repeat, throwing in a new hobby can make a difference. Join a dance class, learn how to draw, sign up for swimming lessons, etc. Those things have their own benefits but also keep you from having a monotonous life.

4.) Read books (vs Explore new cultures, learn new things.)

One reason I like to read is to explore the mind of an author. You can find out a lot about someone through their piece of art or writing. You might observe that two people from two different cultures who share information on the exact same topic will portray it differently. So, grab a new book today. (Currently reading The Four Agreements– a Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz and I like it.)

5.) Practice Meditation (vs. Unwind.)

People travel sometimes to relax and get away from stress but why are you working yourself to the ground only waiting for a holiday to unwind? You don’t have to wait, you can do it right where you are. Practice meditation, zone out, get off the grid, set aside some time to yourself regularly. I particularly like these two awesome meditation apps called Calm and Headspace. They are available on iPhone and Android and are free.


6.) Take advantage of online resources (vs. Learn new things.)

I love Quora. It is great for learning and expanding your knowledge. There are so many insightful people with diverse opinions on there. It is like Twitter but with more characters and less filth. It’s really great. I also like Ted Talks and StumbleUpon, I find them very useful.

By doing these things, you can stay aware, engaged, informed and open-minded, all the same benefits that traveling gives.

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  1. Thank you for the article, I found it very interesting because it’s a great alternative to get some of the benefits of traveling. Great work !!

  2. I love reading books – they are usually good for my Me-time. Also joining a Read Club (@TheReadClub on twitter) has helped me read books outside my comfort zone. I also enjoy reading travel blogs because I experience new places/culture/food via them.


    1. Yes, I love @TheReadClub on Twitter and sometimes when I need book ideas, they always come through. Yes to reading other travel blogs for inspo, definitely one of my fave things to do.

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