Money Talk: About My Piggybank Partnership and Five Ways I am Saving for my Travels This Year

Money talk will probably always be a big part of this travel blog and the reasons are very clear; you need money to travel. Yes, there are ways to cut the travel expenses and yadi yada but at the end of the day, travel costs money. I like to think about it as an investment in self – one that is worth the money.

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Over the past two years since the start of my blog, I have shared helpful resources to help you travel more. Including a whole travel finance series which thousands of people are still leveraging today – talk about timeless content. This year though, I am stepping it up a notch by not only telling you how you can save and travel more, but by also showing you how with key, actionable items.

This year, I am not only telling you how you can save and travel more but also showing you how.

In this post, I shared extensively how I am planning my 2019 travels. Please bookmark it as it may be of incredible help to you going forward this year.


If you follow me on Social Media, by now you already know about my partnership with Piggybank Nigeria, a reputable company that helps Nigerians save and bring their vision alive. I love this post about how their SafeLock feature helped this man set up his Barber Shop – talk about financial empowerment!

We have partnered to empower Nigerians towards a vacation of their dreams by regular savings commitment towards funding a vacation. We know that it may not always be financially feasible to fork out a huge sum of money towards a vacation so these “small small” daily payments are meant to ease the process and get you to the travel destination of your dreams slowly but surely.  Save today, vacation tomorrow.

To learn more about how you can join in on this travel savings challenge, click here. Unfortunately, it is only open to Nigerian residents only – or those who have an active Nigerian bank account.

Now onto more money talk –


1.) Of course, I will be leveraging the PiggyBank platform to save towards a future vacation and hopefully lock that money away. This will help me stay disciplined and ensure that I can stay on top of my savings goals.

2.) This year, I will be using the skills I have acquired from my professional and personal background to create multiple sources of income. This may not be a direct savings towards travel but it definitely frees me up with more disposal income to ensure I can save more and build a solid foundation for the future while also allowing me travel at the pace that I currently do.

3.) I will continue to use my travel savings fund – an account that I have dedicated solely for travel savings. It is one of the best and most effective ways for me to save – my funds do not get mixed up with other purposes and I can see very clearly whether or not I can afford a vacation – QED.

4.) I am fully taking advantage of my accumulated miles this year. I frequently fly Air Canada and I have now accumulated some miles with its Aeroplan membership. I have already started getting some reduced prices on my airfare and I can put that extra money away towards accommodation or more travels. If you frequently use an airline, make sure to sign up to their rewards plan.

5.) I will continue to prioritize travel experiences over any material possessions this year. I love to look great, smart and fashionable but I prefer to catch sunsets abroad, be adventurous, learn about a new culture and better myself through a travel experience. Those haven’t changed and certainly not changing this year. So, I may be passing on a few cute shoes this year and putting that money away towards a cheeky lil trip abroad. No shame in my game!

I will continue to prioritize travel experiences over any material possessions this year – Ufuoma

I hope you enjoyed this money talk edition. I will make it a segment on the blog going forward and share some findings and financial bits to help us travel even more. If you didn’t know, I do have a Finance degree so this may be a good way to tie it all in.

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How are you saving for your travels this year? Any more tips you want to share? Sound off in the comments!

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