Solo Travel Friday Series – Do You Have What It Takes to Travel Solo? Find Out Here.

I am introducing a new series on the blog called Solo Travel Friday. Over the next four weeks this October, I will share details on solo travel from how to get great shots while traveling solo, to how to stay safe when traveling solo, and so much more.

Before we go further, (and you waste your precious internet time reading my subsequent solo travel posts), let’s determine whether you can travel solo.

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While there’s no sure way to know if you can travel solo until you actually do, there are qualities I believe are necessary to being a great solo traveler – Ufuoma

My recent solo trip to Thailand

Can everyone go solo?

I want to believe everyone can but I will be lying if I said it was for everyone. Truth is, we all have different personalities and qualities and until we explore certain aspects of ourselves, we may never know. I am a great example. I never in my wildest imagination thought I’d have the courage to go to even the next city by myself but just two weeks ago, I got back from a three-week adventure through Asia by myself and I have visited 16 countries alone. It’s crazy but sometimes we do not know what we are capable of until we take the plunge.

Can YOU travel solo?

The most important thing is, can you travel solo?  You see everyone doing it, or maybe you don’t but you’re just tired of waiting for friends to be ready. I feel you. There seems to be so many places to see but not enough time to see them.

Let’s determine whether you’re able to travel by yourself and enjoy it and not want to hop on the next flight home. To travel (and enjoy) solo travel, here are some great determinants. Answer the following questions honestly;

  • Do you trust yourself?

When I was in Asia, I asked myself why I had confidence to go miles and miles away from home by myself and the main answer I got was trust. I did that because I trust myself enough to make the best decisions for myself and leave situations I believe are compromising. Will I be tempted to take one more glass of tequila when I know full well I am already over my alcohol limit and can put myself in vulnerable situations? Do I trust myself to get out of bed and get on with the day’s activities without giving into fear? Do I trust I will do a good job of looking out for myself? The answer was yes. I trust myself and that empowers me to trust in my abilities to be okay when I venture abroad alone. Do you trust yourself?

  • Are you intuitive?

When you travel solo, you will need to use your intuition a lot more because you have no one else to weigh the scenarios for you and most of the time, not enough time to reason things out logically. An example will be, say you have to take a taxi on a whim to a location. Are you able to gauge if the taxi driver is suspicious looking, has ulterior motives, or means well? Are you able to determine whether or not you should hang out with those new friends you just made based on “vibes”, “feelings” or a hunch? Are you intuitive?

  • Do You Enjoy Your Own Company?

If you are the type who always has to be around people around then perhaps solo travel isn’t quite for you or if you do, it’s possible you may not enjoy it as much (Yes you can meet people when you travel but there are times when you will be completely alone.) On the other hand, if you are the type who can be by yourself and have a great time still, enjoys some quiet time, loves to sit and observe, then you will probably enjoy solo travel. I personally enjoy my own company and have no problems being by myself. I love to have people around as well but I thoroughly enjoy my alone time too. Do you enjoy your own company?

  • Are you ready to bear the costs all by yourself?

Perhaps the part I do not exactly enjoy the most when traveling solo. It will be nice to be able to split on taxi fares and even hotel rooms but that option isn’t available when you’re going solo. You have to bear all the costs yourself and while it isn’t an extravagant difference, you can definitely feel the impact. Make sure to add a few extra hundreds of dollars to your budget when traveling solo as you will definitely need it. So the question is, Are you ready to bear the costs all by yourself?

  • Are you independent?

To travel solo successfully, no surprises that you have to be independent. If you typically have to rely on others for help, hate doing research on your own, hate google, or need hand-holding, perhaps solo travel isn’t for you. I think the biggest quality for solo travel is independence and being able to take total control and make sound judgment all by yourself. Are you independent? 

So, do you have what it takes to travel solo?

After honestly answering the questions above, do you think you are able to travel solo? Personally, I believe that everyone should at least try solo travel once to see if they enjoy it or not. You’ll be shocked at the results and I haven’t met anyone who hated traveling solo. The benefits are endless; you are in control of your time and schedule, you do not have to make compromises to suit others’ needs and interest, you call the shots.

Have you considered solo travel? I’d like to know your thoughts and if you think there are other qualities I may have missed, please share with me in the comments.
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Until next time,

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  1. These are all great points. Also, I think you must be a self-motivated individual otherwise you could easily give up when things don’t go as planned on your trip. I’ve traveled solo twice, but I didn’t enjoy it as much because there was no “ginger” to do the things I had planned and the second time it was freezing.

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