Hello, Bermuda. Adventures in the Colorful City of Hamilton

The flight from JFK airport took only 90 minutes and before we knew it, we were in a totally different country, free from the hustle and bustle of New York City. I was excited to be in Bermuda with my friend, Nikky. We had a full itinerary which I couldn’t wait to delve in. Even though four days was probably not enough to see and do everything, I was willing to give it a shot. In the end, it all worked out perfectly.

First Impression of Bermuda

I had very little ideas of Bermuda as I hadn’t seen it so much on the internet, or didn’t know anyone who had ever visited there. This worked in my favor as I had a blank slate to fill and wasn’t restricted by any bias or opinions.

My initial thought was how beautiful and small the country is, and I kept wondering why it wasn’t a very popular travel destination. Also, the airport was unlike any other airports I have been – it looked like someone’s home. So small and intimate.

I whipped out my phone in an attempt to take a photo of the airport but then an airport official stopped me and said the dreaded words, “no photos allowed”. Disappointedly, I put my phone down because I wasn’t going to spend my first day in a foreign country a rebel.

Thankfully, the airport experience was seamless and everything was organized and orderly. We caught a taxi at the entrance and made our way to our rental home.

The Rental Home – Coral Palms Rental

Our rental home was a delight. It was set by the oceanside and had the most amazing view from the window. We also had a balcony with a grill and kayak all to ourselves. Sadly, we didn’t fully utilize the property because we spent more time out there adventuring, and less time indoors. As it should be on vacation, yes?

Day One – Exploring Flatts Village and Hamilton City

This was our first day in Bermuda and it was not a full one. Therefore, our itinerary was really simple. A stroll through Flatts Village and exploring the streets of Hamilton? Seemed perfect.

Flatts Village

Flatts Village was colorful and dreamy. We had planned to stay for only a few minutes but ended up being there for close to an hour. Can you blame us? We were carried away by the beautiful pastel colored houses, the docking ships and the overall ambience. We took a few (or a lot of) photos and started making our way to Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital city.

The City of Hamilton

We moved on over to the city of Hamilton. It was getting chilly but we were also really hungry and wanted to stop for a quick bite before exploring the city by foot. First, finding a decent restaurant that wasn’t too expensive, was an uphill battle. After some effort, we finally found a hole-in-the-wall restaurant and had hotdogs and soft drinks and got a bill of $65. I had read that Bermuda was an expensive country but even that did not prepare me for the shock from receiving the bill.

Exploring the City of Hamilton

Stepping into Hamilton is like stepping into a fairytale. For some reason, my camera wasn’t doing the place any justice. One thing for sure, the city does hold a lot of charm. The pastel colored buildings, the cobblestone streets, it all reminded me of my time in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Day one in Bermuda was decent and a great little introduction to the country. We went on to do and see so many awesome things which I will be sharing here in the coming weeks. If you’re eager and will like to see a glimpse, follow me on Instagram as I share some photos and stories from Bermuda. I am really excited about the future of Bermudian tourism and I know that very soon, everyone will be flocking there – glad I’ve had my share.

Have you visited Bermuda? Or will you love to visit sometime soon? Where’s the most unpopular country you’ve visited? Share with me in the comments below. 

Until next time,

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  1. Beautiful photos! From the content you shared on Instagram and Twitter to what you’re posting here, you have fulfilled you role as a travel blogger – I’m curious about Bermuda and would add it to the list of possible places to check out with my family and/or friends who have “weaker passports…” But $65 for fast food though!?! Wild!! And I also have a story about taking photos in a no phones allowed zone… Now I keep my phone in the bottom of my bag until I leave the airport in foreign countries – ain’t nobody trying to start a vacation or work trip in jail lol || http://www.lorikemi.com

  2. Glad you enjoyed your experience in so little time and definitely ask locals where are the best cheap spots to eat at. And hopefully you’ll be back again for a longer trip.

  3. Gorgeous photos of Bermuda and the Blogger and Friend.

    Cheap-ish but good food: The Spot, Casablanca, Soul Food Grill, L’Oriental Express, Mr. Chicken, Eateries -food court in Washington Mall, this is my go to list but there are more, Down to Earth, Supermart buffet, Common Ground etc

    Please come again. Feel free to ask anything.

  4. We are going to Bermuda May 16 hoping for warmer weather. Looking forward to more info on your Bermuda adventure, thanks for sharing.

    1. My beautiful Island is very expensive. But I would have like to know which restaurant charged you that ridiculous price for hotdogs and drinks. You could have went to Par-la-Ville Park Food Truck and spent $10.00 each with the trimmings on your hotdogs. Next time if you visit just ask any local what’s the best place to eat at an we will guide you.

    2. It will definitely be warmer here in Bermuda around that time. Our Bermuda Day holiday falls on the 25th of May. It’s definitely something you will enjoy.

    3. It’s been quite hot here for the past week now. By time you arivea it will be nice and hot

  5. What should one have as a budget for such a place like bermuda if one plans to spend 3-4 days there

    1. We certainly did and yes it’s so beautiful and colourful. Can’t wait to share more. Thanks Lola.

  6. I love the very first picture of you, it’s so stunning. I also really like the outfits you and Nikki wore, super cute. Wow, $65 for a hot dog and soft drinks? That’s insane wow. The pictures are so stunning, I love how colourful everything is. And your rental? How amazing to wake up to a view of the ocean! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. It’s insane and waaaay too expensive but we were hungry and quite frankly, the other options were even more expensive. Thanks Demmie!

      1. A great piece!
        Glad you are enjoying Bermuda! It’s a very unique place! Sorry you ended up with an expensive restaurant, but believe me-they aren’t ALL that way!
        Ask a Bermudian where there have lunch, guaranteed it won’t be that much!!
        Enjoy the rest!!

      2. I think we’re all curious where you spent $65 for hotdogs and sodas. I don’t know of any restaurant here in Bermuda that charges that much! You should have asked a local where to eat

      3. Wow I wonder where you went because you could get a full meal at many places for about $25 and fast food for much cheaper. Also please try our delicacies such as our fish, fish cakes, peas and rice, fish chowder. If you are still here go to the Agriculture show today and tomorrow.

    2. I am a Bermudian and have stayed there a few times and have to correct you in saying that it has a view of the Harrington Sound not the ocean and that the dock which is connected to the studio allows for private access to the Sound for swimming. The owners of that studio are lovely.

  7. My baby!!! We took a lottt of pictures!! Scratch that “few” right away. I wish we used the grill! Still alarmed that hot dog and coke is 65usd. WILD!
    Great post and you look beautiful!!!! Giving me life on your IG!!!

    1. Ayeeee! I’m glad we took a lot of pictures. More in the good memories folder. Which I will be cherishing for a long long time. Thanks mama!

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