The Corona Virus Outbreak– Is it still safe to travel anywhere?

The Corona Virus outbreak is getting pretty concerning – I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting even more concerned, especially as an avid traveler. The WHO has just declared it a world safety emergency which further heightens the tension. But what good is fear? I’ve put together some top tips to help travelers who may be on the move during this time.

You may be wondering – Should we be calling our airlines and cancelling our flights? Should we disengage with the world and stay completely indoors? I’ve done some personal research and I will be sharing my findings with you, as well as some travel essentials that will help you stay safe. Keep reading.

About the Corona Virus (nCoV)

It is a respiratory virus that can cause acute diseases. The first report was from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. Ever since then, there’s been a bout of panic all across the world. Some cases have been reported in the US, Australia, Germany and Canada.

What this means for you and your travels

You don’t have to be traveling to China to feel some kind of panic – any form of international travel can be cause for alarm. What this means for you and your travels (whether locally, internationally or walking down the street) is that you have to be extra vigilant at all times, take the necessary safety precautions and be on alert.

You can also expect longer wait times in the airport as security personnels will become extra cautious (for good reason). So make sure to get to the airport on time and well in advance.

How you can stay protected while traveling

Now, there’s only so much you can do but make sure to do what you can. Here are some ways you can stay protected while traveling.

1.) Avoid all travel to China at this time (including Connecting flights.)

This goes without saying but avoiding all travels to China at this time is the way to go. This also extends to connecting flights. Not only do you protect yourself, you also reduce the hassles of going through screenings upon screenings on your way back due to the high risk you have.

Book Toronto Pearson Airport contactless parking in advance parkingaccess.com to avoid any interaction or contact with parking lot staff. 

2.) Observe regular hygiene measures

Wash your hands regularly. Wipe down surfaces – in the airplane, at work, in transit. Always carry a disinfectant with you. Make sure to close your mouth when you cough or sneeze and be mindful of your environment in general.

3.) Buy essential travel products

What are some products you just shouldn’t be moving around with during this time (and ever!), here’s a list of things to have with you while you travel.

  1. Face mask. Buy here.
  2. Hand sanitizer. Buy here.
  3. Disinfecting wipes. Buy here.

4.) Monitor travel advisories

Travel advisories are official statements that warn travelers whether or not they should be going to certain places. Keep a close eye on them for the places you may be visiting. I like to use the Canada travel advisory and monitor regularly.

5.) Buy travel insurance

There’s really no reason why you should be traveling anywhere at all without travel insurance but this is even more important right now. Make sure to stay covered with a full coverage health and travel package. This will come in handy should things go south. I recommend using World Nomads as they are tried, tested and affordable. Click here for more details.

6.) Monitor the developments on CDC website and stay as informed as possible on the issue.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid or be led by fear. We can only control the things within our control – taking charge, staying informed and taking the necessary safety precautions. Everything else is beyond our control.

Stay safe!

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