Finding The New in New York City

The first time I visited New York City, I was in such a hurry. I wanted to see and do as much as possible because I just wasn’t sure the next time I’d return. I had a packed itinerary and squeezed in as much as I could in the space of two days.

Fast forward to a year later and New York has become my second home. I think I have lost count, but I must have revisited the city at least ten times since then. Life sure has a way of playing things out, and needless to say, there was really no need to be in a hurry.

So, what’s new, New York?

After visiting a place over and over, it is only a matter of time until things start to get stale and similar. After a while, I started to treat New York like home. New York had become well within reach and you know what they say, we sometimes only appreciate the things that are out of reach. I however, wasn’t going down without a fight, I was determined to find what’s new in New York.

While there’s so much to see and do in New York, after visiting it so much, everything can start to look the same. The same yellow taxis that honk loudly on the streets, the same tourist-flooding situation, the same noise, the same energy.

During my most recent trip to New York, I was eager to explore it in a new way. I wanted something different, something quiet and something that made me feel like I was detached from the city, and I found all of these in Central Park, NY. – Ufuoma

Even though Central Park is a top tourist location, it is about 3.41 km² in size, making it easy for everyone to co-exist (read: explore) peacefully. What I loved the most about it was how airy and breezy it was. There were so many attractions to visit there and one visit was definitely not enough.

Having a picnic in New York’s Central Park has always been high up on my list. I hear it is an experience. I didn’t get to do it this summer as I had other travel plans, but I’ll be shooting for that next year, hopefully.

Exploring the New in New York — Central Park

On a breezy fall morning, I set out to visit the famous Central Park. I’d heard so much about the place and I thought it was time to finally check it out. The weather was a little iffy but that wasn’t stopping me.

I made my way down to Central Park through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. It is an amazing location for art and history lovers. I had already been previously so it wasn’t on my radar for the day.

What was on my radar though? Finally sitting on the steps of the MET museum, a famous location where the casts of Gossip Girls used to have lunch. Iconic!

After a mini exploration (read: photoshoot *smirk*) in front of the MET museum, it was time to check out Central Park. I was full of excitement and it did not disappoint.

Now, let’s really head on over to Central Park

I didn’t have a list of must-do sights and attractions to see in Central Park because I wanted to give myself the liberty of getting lost and encountering pleasant surprises. A little unusual to my travel style, but sometimes, the best things in life are totally unplanned.

This way to Central Park
Meet Ufuoma, your tour guide for the day
Waltzing into the park via the literary walk

First stop, overlooking the Belvedere castle at the lake

The Belvedere Castle- An italian name for ‘beautiful views’

Central Park observatory

Goodbye, Central Park

Ending the day at Times Square

Made a quick detour to “check out” Times Square, as if I didn’t know exactly how it was going to be- loud, energetic, and crowdy. There’s something about it though, that really screams “the big apple”. Spent an hour and headed back home. It was indeed a day of contrasts but mostly about finding the new in New York, thanks to the peace and quiet that Central Park offered.

On revisiting places and finding ways to enjoy them.

Will you revisit a place over and over again? If yes, how do you find ways to enjoy it? Let me know in the comments. And oh, where are some of the off-the-beaten paths in New York (i.e ‘Unspoiled’ places)? Share your ideas with me so I can check them out the next time I visit.

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Photo Credit: @Photosbykoya


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  1. I visited New York with my family when I was 12 and I haven’t been back since. I would really love to visit again and explore the city. Beautiful pictures Ufuoma. You got to sit on the Gossip Girl steps?? Truly iconic haha! xx

  2. I’m from DC, so NYC was my second home during college haha. Love exploring Central Park and discovering new parts of it!

  3. Never been to NYC yet but sure is on my list. Loved this side of NYC alot. Since all I usually see is the busy tourist traps picture spots. With too many people photobombing.

  4. I love New York. I’ve only visited a few times, so I still see it through the eyes of a newbie. Chicago is a place I’ve gone back to many times, and it does start to feel familiar. But I love that you took a different approach to seeing NYC, and I think it’s something important for everyone to do, especially if it’s a place you know well. You can always discover something new when you take the time to explore.

  5. I was the same! First time in NYC I tried to do everything because I didn’t know when I’d return. I still haven’t gone back but when I eventually do, I will slow myself down and really take it all in. Central Park is high on my list, it’s massive and I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things it has to offer.

  6. I love your approach to travel and finding new things in a familiar city! Not to mention your photos are gorgeous, as are your outfits!

  7. What a great tour of Central Park! I’m going to be in NYC for Thanksgiving so this post was super timely (though I suspect we won’t have quite as nice weather as you did). I spent a little while in the park the last time I visited, but it was cold and pouring so I didn’t linger long. I’m hoping for at least some dry days even if they’re cold so I can explore some of the places you have pictured here.

  8. I love this! I’ve never visited New York and would absolutely love to. Visiting art spaces and parks are my two favourite things to do in new cities, there’s such a added appreciation once you do! It’s a wonderful blessing to have the chance to visit the same place several times, I feel similarly about Christchurch NZ, and will take your ideas with me on my next visit!

  9. I love New York and I couldn’t agree more…I often find myself rushing to do as much as possible on my first visit but love to take my time and really explore on the next visit. I have always said I’d love to live in New York City for an entire summer so that I could experience the city like a local. Lovely pictures- Central park and Times Square can’t be beat!

  10. Stunning photos!!! The Met is such a great place to revisit, it’s so big I feel like I could visit a dozen times and still not see everything! Definitely a good one to have on your list 🙂

  11. I am yet to make to NYC but high up on my radar and central park ofcourse is on must-dos. But you’ve presented a different side of central park too here, I love your pictures 🙂

  12. Pics so cuteeee + Love the shots of the park. How have I never noticed that castle!?There’s ALWAYS something new in NYC.

    Idk if this is off the beaten path but the Chelsea Pier is a nice place to go to if you haven’t been. Lovely views of the Hudson River.

    There are places in Miami I revisit a lot but mostly with people who haven’t been there. So sometimes it’s the company that makes me enjoy them all over again.

    Yes to this wholeee outfit!

    1. I haven’t been to Chelsea Pier. I should definitely head there when next I visit. And I can imagine just how mannny things there are to do in Miami. I can’t wait to visit again. Thanks girllllll.

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